The Sunday News Reel – Week of 25-31 October, 2010

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 25 31 October, 2010

Yep, another weekend has arrived and I've pulled my head out of Star Trek Online, video game news and some other things to give you something to read while you have your Sunday morning coffee. I have to tell you, working everyday, gets tiring and I think I need a holiday. Someday maybe when everyone I work with hits it big and we're all rich and famous I'll be able to have a day where I can do nothing but sleep. Yeah, probably not. Alright, roll film! 

Top Read Stories for the week at ReelSEO

Grant tops the pops this week, scoring a major piece of traffic, with his YouTube Busts Out With Promoted Videos 2.0 – YouTube Advertising Acceleration! If you haven't read it then you're in the minority it seems (along with me). IThe Sunday News Reel – Week of 25 31 October, 2010t deals with YouTube's announcement of several huge advancements to their Promoted Videos program to help more advertisers easily set-up and manage campaigns with Promoted Videos.

Running up second for the week was Jeremy with his Google Releases Improved YouTube App For Android. That one's pretty self-explanatory. Wish I had an Android to do my bidding.

Woot! I popped the top three with my How The HTML 5 War Has Been Won, By Adobe and Kaltura where I talked about the new Adobe Html5 video player widget that is Flash with fall forward to HTML 5 and powered by Kaltura's open video tech. Go Open Source!

David Murdico, Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner with Supercool Creative, drops in for a visit and scores a top five with his How To Reach Your Online Video And Social Media ROI Goals. He made an animated video, just for the article…which shows some true dedication to the cause. I guess we can give him 4th place this week.

Finally, one might be led to believe that YouTube = All Online Video marketing considering the number of articles we have on it, fifth place goes to Jeremy who wins the week with two. This time round it's his Cool Keyboard Shortcuts To Scrub Through YouTube Videos article. But this week is far more diverse in the top five than it has been in the past so kudos to the ReelSEO team. Does Mark ever do any work anymore? He never seems to make the top five (now I'm fired…)

Top Stories elsewhere

Everytime I head to the web and search for things for this section, I always run across ReelSEO in the top search engine results. I guess Mark IS doing something.


Google is offering Non-profits a free SEO review. Lucky bastards. There's a bit more too it, but to have Google look over your site for free, that's definitely something that will help your cause.

Video Advertising

iVdopia adds iAd and AdMob – That's a whole lot of ad(d) in one sentence.

Even music services are using video for online marketing – Transpera Brings Interactive Mobile Video Advertising to Slacker's Mobile Music Apps

Android got Interactive Video Ads this week Oddly, that one came to us from

TV Advertising

Television ads are getting shorter to match our shorter attention spans. What was I talking about? Oh, right, TV ads. TV commercials shrink to match attention spans.

Video Sharing

Turkey, which I wrote about last week, has overturned the YouTube Ban! Yaşa! (that's hurray! in Turkish FYI). The ban was in effect for roughly two years.

Speaking of YouTube, they've now got One BIIIILLLION subscriptions to channels. Dr. Evil would be so proud.

Heh, they [YouTube] dominate this section of course. A Chinese company has released Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader. In the press release they dubbed themselves "an excellent and professional multimedia software developer" Bill & Ted would air guitar to that statement I bet. Foxreal YouTube The Sunday News Reel – Week of 25 31 October, 2010FLV Downloader which can download FLV/F4V videos from almost all video-sharing sites, like YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, MSN, iFilm, etc. What's more, it can capture online FLV/F4V URL automatically, so users don't need to take more time to add URL manually for downloading.

Youtube has a changing of the guard as CEO Chad Hurley quit. Hurley plans to still work as a YouTube advisor. Sure, splitting like $1.65B will create some loyalty I guess. He's the last of the founders to leave the company. Will it suddenly become profitable and more importantly, does he really care?

Perhaps topping Jeremy's Unicorn infatuation is George Clarke's notion that someone is speaking on a mobile phone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film clip. Some say the woman in the film is crazy, others say George is crazy, I think it's all silly as we already know time travel is possible thanks to Dr. Emmet Brown and Martie McFly and Bill & Ted (pictured). Damn, that's some staying power, they got two nods in today's roundup.

Alright on that note, I'm off to take the rest of my Sunday and relax. Star Trek Online? Perhaps. Though I do have more work to do unfortunately. First and foremost, I need to make something to eat and no, it won't be Kung Pao! (I had some earlier in the week).

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