The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11-17 October, 2010

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010

Hey hey! Another week in the books as we wind down summer in the Northern Hemisphere and rapidly hurtle toward lower temps and the holiday season. Here in my part of the world the leaves are falling along with the temps. So it's time once again for your to warm up with a cup of coffee and take in the sites, that is, the sites that made the news. Roll film!

Top Read Stories for the week at ReelSEO

No big surprise that the ReelSEO free Webinar with Google on Video Sitemaps was the number one viewed story this week. If you missed it or didn't see, it's now published on the site for everyone. Some day Mark will actually answer one of my questions in those things (probably not the one about what would you do if you were a giant tarantula).

The announcement that JW Player combined their Flash and HTML5 into one with their latest 5.3 release not only garnered a lot of attention but also a fair amount of discussion.

Jeremy overcomes pneumonia this week and (almost ironically) scores big with his viral video roundup. Welcome back to the land of the living Jeremy. Super Grover AWAY!

Since Jeremy was ill this week I pulled double duty. But I didn't want to touch the viral stuff and comedown with something. So instead I talked about intelligent video recommendations in an article that even the CEO of Taboola commented to me on. Compliments make me blush but the highest praise a writer can receive is a compliment from the target of the article, well that and a fat film rights deal I guess.

See, we know Jeremy was sick, I got three slots in the top five. My third, and final for the ReelSEO roundup talked about how original web series were more engaging than standard TV series. Interestingly, in the comments the discussion turned to money and why there's so little to support online video series. Hopefully, that'll change soon.

Top Stories elsewhere

Internet Meets TV

YouTube Improves Leanback Prior to Google TV Launch
It makes sense that YouTube would do all that it can to help sales of Google TV devices. After all, GooTube is one in the same.

IPTV Competition Fight Heating up in UK
Sky and Virgin take on, well, just about everyone else in the market. I don't know that this will slow it down as much as they hope.

Netflix Goes 5.1 Surround, 1080p for PS3
Makes you glad you bought a PS3 and have a Netflix account right? They've also just announced a streaming only offering now so you can skip the discs altogether as this latest update means you don't need a disc to even use Netflix on your PS3 anymore.The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010

NewCorp Shuts off FOX via Hulu for Cablevision Users, Then Turns it Back On
Tsk, tsk, talk about some shady business practices. NewsCorp removed access to FOX content on Hulu and for all Cablevision subscribers while they tried to get more money out of the cable operator in a new round of contract negotiations. I guess it was a "look how valuable our content is (flexes muscles like action hero)." It's a shame when users get stepped on during a battle between massive dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus NewsCorp and Cablevisiosaurus…RAWR! (Hey, it's Sunday… I get some leeway here)

Video Advertising

BBE Bought by Specific Media
I'm not at all sure how we missed this one except that it was on Friday. It seems that BBE was recently purchased by online ad firm Specific Media. The report comes from MediaMemo via an anonymous source. Experts say it was probably worth $65 to $85 million. According to the September comScore numbers I just wrote up, BBE had just fallen out of the top ten video ad networks. In August 2010 they had 160.6M ads shown according to the comScore Video Metrix for the month.

Apple Dropping iAds into iVideos on iOS Devices
I really just wanted to drop an I into the Video there. They're not calling it iVideos, but they are putting iAds into video streams on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Gee, that's so surprising. Oh, it should work on AppleTV too says GigOM.  The plans include pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll and would work natively in Apps. Let the monetization rush begin!

Mixpo Expands Offering, Aims at TV budgets

Bizreport reports that the new Mixpo expansion of services could target the TV budgets. The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010The tools include demographic targeting, day parting and message sequencing (serving ads in a specific order) options. Of course, lots of places already offer a lot of this. They can also include real-time information feeds which is interesting. I might have to talk with Mixpo this week about that specific aspect.

YuMe Serves up an ACE
The ACE for Advertisers solution gives advertisers and agencies complete control over a digital video campaign's entire lifecycle, streamlining processes for media planning and buying, ad trafficking and creative management, ad serving and optimization, and post-campaign analytics. . It can deliver video ads to online, mobile and IPTV devices, giving advertisers multi-channel flexibility and future-proofing their investment. Wow, I've got a lot of work to do it seems as I definitely need to look into this further.

Research and Develpoment

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010Kantar Announced Videolytics Charter Partnerships
Seventeen partners have signed on with Kantar's new video analytics package (which means I need to talk to them now). Some big names are in the lineup including both ADAP.TV, Brights (Brightcove and BrightRoll),, Liverail, Ooyala, ScanScout, TidalTV and Tremor (hi everyone).
For companies working with these partners, Videolytics:

  • Provides a detailed picture of who is watching what, when and where, plus it offers insights on how they are engaging with online video
  • Showcases online & mobile video advertising effectiveness and offers content owners a better way to monetize their media offerings
  • Gives media publishers, marketers, and agencies access to Kantar Video's robust tools for analytics, tracking, and optimization
  • Supplies advertisers with access to Kantar's online & mobile video analytics and datasets including attitudinal and global panel data along with online behavioral metrics

Video Sharing

Photobucket Now Offers Mobile Video Upload via T-Mobile G2
Hopefully this will be the trend and more and more services will offer quick, easy ways to do this and not lock it down to carrier-specific versions.

Turkey Ban YouTube, Fly Next at Vimeo
Sooner or later there will be a complete shut down of all websites that have images or video it seems. They should just pull the plug and return to the pre-Internet days. It's all over one video on the site, which most organizations would simply file a take down request over. Turkey instead will try to ban the whole site in the country. Over reaction anyone?

No Relation to Video

I just thought this was massively cool and wanted to share. It has nothing to do with actaul video online.
Microsoft seems to be working on an apaptive input device. It looks like it'll be keyboard that not only changes configuration based on the application running (I can do that with some gaming devices now) but it also has gesture controls. That's pretty darned spiffy!

Upcoming Events October – November 2010:

(If you have an event I missed email me and I'll add to our calendar)


18-22SES Chicago
18-21 – Web 2.0 Expo New York
25th – Freemium Summit
28th – Forrester Research FORRESTER'S CONSUMER FORUM 2010


15-17th - Web 2.0 Summit
19thFuture of Television Conference East (NYU)
22-24thSES Berlin

If you find this useful let me know and I'll work on expanding it.

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