The Sunday News Reel – Reel Edition – Week of 19-26 Sept, 2010

The Sunday News Reel   Reel Edition   Week of 19 26 Sept, 2010

Here's the Reel Edition of the Sunday News Reel that highlights top read news here at ReelSEO. If you're looking for other top news this week see the External Edition which covers big news around the Web, most of which wasn't covered here at ReelSEO.

Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY! Oh, sorry, just practicing for my other job as a monster truck announcer. Well, it is in fact Sunday and so it's time to take a look at what was big at ReelSEO this week again.

Top Read News During the Week

Other Content of Note

The fact that ReelSEO is hosting a Video Sitemap Webinar was also a popular topic this week. It's no surprise as many of us want to part the clouds of mystery and get into the real meat of the matter so that our video is more easily found, right?

What in the world is a Video Sitemap? How do you create and submit a Video Sitemap to Google?  How can you get your videos indexed in Google video, web, and universal search?  These questions and more will be answered in ReelSEO's next webinar: "Make Your Videos Discoverable – Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices!”

September 29th at 11:00AM Pacific Time.  For those of you not in Pacific Time, this is 2:00PM Eastern Time and 8:00PM Central European Time. (I think that second time zone info is for me specifically heh).

Most Retweeted

This is sort of an experiment. I think of it as what others found interesting here this week. If it's not interesting, let me know and I'll leave it on the editing room floor next week. These are only for articles published in the last week at ReelSEO.

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  • Grant Crowell

    Christophor, it's likely the reason for the top spot readership may be to that post showing up #3 in Google for "lawrence lessig video" and that his speaking at the Vimeo event.

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