The Sunday News Reel – External Edition – Week of 19-26 Sept, 2010

The Sunday News Reel   External Edition   Week of 19 26 Sept, 2010

I've gone further this week and split the Sunday News Reel into two pieces. This External Edition will focus on news out in the world that we didn't write about here at ReelSEO. We'll probably never catch everything, so if we miss something, drop us a link in comments. Meanwhile, the Reel Edition will focus on big news here at ReelSEO which you might have missed. So let's roll.

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Christophor Rick is a freelance writer specializing in technology, new media, video games, IPTV, online video advertising and consumer electronics. His past work has included press releases, copy-writing, travel writing and journalism. He also writes novel-length and short fiction as part of Three-Faced Media . View All Posts By -

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  • PaceLattin

    Christopher, why is English hard for you to read? – Pace
    FYI, press releases are required to be in third person.

  • Christophor Rick

    Pace, it's just your English that's hard to read, not English in general. It's probably painful because of the amazing amount of mistakes I found while reading through some blog posts there.

    Oh that was a press release? Because to me it looked like a blog post on your site and not an actual press release. Where was that released to? Honestly, if I were to quote a press release that I myself wrote on my blog, I wouldn't talk about myself in the third person. Especially when all of the other posts on the site are in first person :)

    But hey, thanks for clearing up the whole illeistic thing…now my mind is at rest, as I'm sure are those of the readers.

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