Strong Online Video Growth To Drive StudioNow's Business

StudioNow predicts both massive and rapid growth in online video ads and content creation for their business in the near future.  CEO David Mason says that their business is expected to quadruple in 2009.

Alongside that he said that Robert P. Sherry has joined the company to guide StudioNow's rapidly expanding network. Sherry will take on the position of Executive Vice-President, Business Development, effective immediately.

StudioNow is an online platform for professional video creation. They create bespoke online video production platforms for customers from publishing to real estate, online search directories, fashion and design, online broadcasting, the music recording industry and others.

Their online platform includes video creation and distribution, aggregating thousands of editors, videographers and creative individuals to provide professional, 24/7 on-demand video content at affordable prices to businesses of all sizes across all markets.

Clients have included Simon and Schuster, Chronicle Books, Citysearch, Ford Models, CBSRadio, Clearchannel, Playboy, The NewsMarket, Yahoo/Rivals and many others.

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  • traviscampbell


    This is interesting to see the online video market mature like this. StudioNow looks like a great product.

  • Christophor Rick

    Makes me wish I had thought of it first Travis heh