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Delivery of quality online multimedia content to end users via the internet does not always go smoothly. When you have invested a lot of money into your online video advertising efforts, the last thing you need is a message that has no impact due to bad quality video streaming. If delivery of your in-stream video ad experiences in-stream delivery issues, it could either become "dead air", or it will buffer repeatedly and have users waiting too long to deliver a quality customer experience. This could negatively effect your brand image and can waste your video advertising expenditures, not to mention all the investment that you poored into the production of the content. There is a new service offered that can help to avoid these issues by monitoring the quality of multimedia delivery quality from different customer locations.

Gomez, Inc., a leading provider of web application experience management services, today announced the availability of Active Streaming XF, a service that measures the speed and quality of streamed video and audio delivered over the web. Self-service and featuring a highly intuitive diagnostics interface, Active Streaming XF rapidly identifies and troubleshoots streaming media performance issues so that businesses like advertisers, broadcasters, retailers and social networks can deliver content without delay or disruption to audiences around the world. Active Streaming XF joins the Gomez ExperienceFirst platform of integrated services used to test web applications in development and monitor them in production.

Nikki Baird, managing partner at RSR Research, a research company run by retailers for the retail industry, said: "Interest in video as part of the online commerce experience is definitely on the rise. Between product demos and reviews alone, the potential for the medium is huge. A solution, like Active Streaming XF, that can help sites ensure a high quality video experience for visitors is very timely.”

Benjamin Wayne, CEO of, the leader in full-service, plug-and-play video solutions for businesses said: "Fliqz's business is anchored by our ability to deliver high quality online video solutions, so a service that allows us to concretely measure and validate our delivery is invaluable. Using Gomez's Active Streaming XF, we can identify any start-time or rebuffering issues in short order so they can be resolved before our customers' experience is impacted.”

Benefits and Features

With Active Streaming XF, businesses can:

  • Measure the performance and quality of high-value streams as experienced by end-users in different geographies;
  • Verify if syndicated or third party content sources are negatively affecting the end-user experience;
  • Validate the performance claims of hardware vendors or content delivery networks (CDNs) prior to purchase; and
  • Objectively manage service level agreements.

The Active Streaming XF interface provides actionable, near real-time insight into metrics such as start-up and buffer time. Entirely self-service, users can set-up, execute and analyze tests as quick as within minutes, making the service flexible and easy to administer, and speeding time to resolution.

"In the U.S. alone in May 2008, Americans viewed 12 billion videos online, up 45 percent from the previous year1," said Imad Mouline, CTO of Gomez, Inc. "End-users expect videos to start quickly and run smoothly. And businesses are counting on quality streaming experiences to ensure their messages are delivered with impact. Adding Active Streaming XF to the ExperienceFirst platform provides businesses with an integrated solution for ensuring quality web — and streaming — experiences, across the entire application lifecycle.”

Available now worldwide, Active Streaming XF is sold on an annual subscription basis. More information is available here

1 Comscore, July 14, 2008

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