It is quite easy to go through the resources available online on how to create a perfect video for driving links back to your website. It will just take half a day to know the various technical aspects of video creation namely hosting, embedding, acquiring snippets and many others.  But, there is still something missing in this strategy.  First, I would like to throw some light on how popular the concept of video marketing has become of late:

Some Trivial Facts About Online Videos:

These trivial facts about video marketing confirm the belief that video is here to stay for a long, long time.

Now, back to the main point where I mentioned that there is something missing in the video marketing strategy. Nowadays, in the results-oriented scenario, it has become very difficult to clearly define the goals and work towards attaining the same. You get a project, you do some research, get some resources and...snap!  Your video has been created. However, the one thing missing here is...

A Well Planned Video Marketing Strategy:

It is ineluctable to understand the importance of planning in your video marketing strategy. The consequences of a video without a proper planned strategy lead to failure, or some weird situation where the video goes viral without any direction. From the scratch to its launch, a video has to be guided in a well-planned manner so as to get the optimum results. A well planned strategy would include:

  • Understanding Business Goals
  • Define the targeted audience
  • Define the promotional strategy
  • Define the audience demographic
  • Create video which matches the business goals
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Let us now understand what a video strives to achieve for you which could be termed as the goal of the video creation process:

  • Build your Brand: Video is a wonderful way to improve your brand reputation. The fact that it depicts the various aspects of the business and its activities through visuals makes it well-suited for marketing.
  • Conversions: Again, video serves the purpose of improving the conversion rate if it has been created keeping in mind the needs of the target audience.
  • Snippets: These could prove to be a valuable asset for your SEO goals, driving traffic to the specific pages where you want to drive it. The CTR would be higher than organic results. You could self-host your videos and submit a video sitemap in order to get rich snippets.

A completely understandable Video SEO Strategy should incorporate the above mentioned goals. You should plan to create the video to attain each of these goals. There will be some obstructions where various questions will arise, but proper planning will help you in designing a perfect strategy.

Here's why people are more inclined towards video than any other online content:

  • Human touch: People can relate to the videos if they hear a human voice giving out the information on them. It also makes your video content more appealing.
  • Motion: Rather than putting their eyes in motion to read a lengthy article, humans tend to see the visuals in motion and pay attention to the same subject for longer.
  • Information: Nowadays, people are more dependent on the Internet to derive all the required information. Thus, it becomes easy for us to encapsulate all the information into a single video and present it to the audience.

Video is the best content marketing tool that I have witnessed. Try to incorporate a video marketing strategy in your online marketing campaign. It is not only about getting your name online, in fact, it helps you in building relationships and earn trust. It makes your message loud and clear in the most efficient manner.

  • Katelin O’Neil

    Great article, Some great facts!

  • Anna Pham

    Well written articles, I agree on the steps that business should take before making a video, but I think a creative content also worth investigating as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Stephen Garner

    In the real estate space I see so many people use video because its "cool or sexy" forgetting that video is "the needle" it's the delivery method, what's most important is what's IN the needle.

  • Keith Yaskin

    One of the challenges we face is when asking some of the questions above, some companies often do not have answers. They want video but haven't always strategized beyond that. This is why we feel our responsibility is to go beyond simply putting together the video. We must help build it from the ground up before the camera ever becomes involved.

    • Sanket Patel

      Main task is started after the video creation, how you promote that is the vital part in the video marketing. I hope you make your campaign rocking. Thanks for reading out!

  • Brett Slater

    Good article. It's also important to remember when outlining your
    business goals to be as specific as possible: "We need a 25% increase in
    floor traffic... We need 3000 unique site visitors in the next 3
    months... We need $5000 more in revenue by Christmas..." and so on.
    BEFORE you launch your video, you have to quantify the results, so you
    know when the campaign has worked -- so you know when to throw the

    • Sanket Patel

      Yes Brett, Certainly Video campaign good in terms of revenue. Just proper execution and plan required for that..:)