New 'StomperVision' Online Video Marketing Course

New StomperVision Online Video Marketing CourseStomperNet has launched 'StomperVision' - a new online video marketing course with the coach Mike Stewart. Mike's a StomperNet staff member and is known as one of the most highly regarded online video experts today. The series takes advantage of all the "best of the best" of StomperNet's video production and sales strategies with Mike Stewart's 20 years of extensive experience in the film production industry.

Here is a video that walks you through the StomperVision training program details:

The 'StomperVision' course includes the following 23 video marketing lessons:

  1. 5 Modalities of video
  2. Basic lighting
  3. Basic audio
  4. Webcam/Netcam basics
  5. Sales persuasion methodology - Problem, Agitate, Solve, Testimonial, Call-To-Action
  6. Windows Movie Maker tutorial
  7. Sony Movie Studio tutorial
  8. Screen capture video tutorial - Camtasia/CamStudio
  9. Video File formats
  10. How to make FLV (Flash Video) files
  11. How to embed videos in web pages
  12. How to embed videos in WordPress blogs
  13. Setting up WordPress with CPanel
  14. WordPress Plugins for Video
  15. Building video Sales Letters using WordPress in minutes
  16. Using Amazon S3 for video hosting
  17. S3 Organizer and Bucket Explorer tutorial
  18. Why you should video blog & podcast
  19. Traffic Geyser video distribution
  20. Why YouTube is not for your money sites
  21. Selling in eBay with video
  22. Making Product DVDs with DVD Architect
  23. Mixing Full Motion video.
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