Steve Jobs passed away last week. The story is all over the news, and rightfully so! Steve Jobs impacted the world in significant ways, changing how we communicate, consume media, work, and even relate to each other. This week we take a brief look at Steve Jobs and Apple's influence on the video industry. Innovations like the iMac, iSight, iPhone, iPod, and iPad have left a significant mark on the online video world. Even the company's stance on HTML5 and Flash have impacted us. I also share a bit how Steve Jobs and Apple's innovations have affected me personally and ask you to share the same.

Steve Jobs' Impact On The Video Industry

QUESTION: How has Steve Jobs' video innovation affect you personally?
This week's stories:

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    Nice Job with the Summary of Steve's influence on Video.

    My biggest impact felt by Steve Jobs & Apple was my first Mac... a Mac Plus. No I did not do video with it, but I did use PageMaker and that started a career for me on the computer.