Four Hot Digital Media Startups to Watch in Mobile Video & Online Video

Four Hot Digital Media Startups to Watch in Mobile Video & Online Video

Four emerging media startups in online video and mobile are finding success with brands and retailers. In this week's New Media Minute, learn why marketers are linking up with Fiksu, GoldRun, and Framesocket. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.


Fiksu's mobile app platform helps brands like Barnes & Noble and Groupon refine the way they market their apps to potential users across the web and mobile phones. The company says with its proprietary targeting, it can generate a three-times-cost savings on the cost to acquire not just new, but loyal app users. Without being such a massive business unto themselves, Fiksu could provide an edge.


GoldRun is a mobile technology that uses augmented reality to drive traffic both online and in the real world. The company's deal with Bloomingdales kicks in next month and will let retail customers use the app so it appears they just took a photo of themselves with a celebrity in the store. It's kind of interesting mixing apps with the real world, which is, of course, what Foresquare has grown its business on, so I think GoldRun is worth watching for that reason.

With so many different platforms for brands, they increasingly need technology that speaks the same language. The video encoding service,, is one such tool that is gaining traction with brands and agencies like JWT and McCann Ericcson Worldwide, for instance, to convert video assets for marketing across online video, iPads, smartphones, and so on.


Similarly, Framesocket is also a platform that lets websites build branded video players with flexible encoding so the video can be viewed across the web and across all sorts of mobile devices. The company also handles storage and analytics.

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