Sproose - Social Video Search Engine and Voting

Sproose   Social Video Search Engine and Voting

Sproose, delivers a "human popularity voting" model where each user may influence the ranking of the index creating improved search results. The more users that vote a site the further up in the ranking it moves. The same voting technology is now being applied to the Sproose video search index.

Key Sproose features include, user voting for web and video search results, a tool bar- button for remote voting, a spam removal link and a personal profile page to save and share your voted site history with others.

"Sproose offers users a really creative way of having the community improve upon algorithmic search for both video content and web results," says Bob Pack, CEO.

The video index is supplied by blinkx through a partnership with Sproose, which has over fourteen million hours of video content. "This is another great feature which sets us apart from all other search engines and is the easiest and most fun way for users to find videos.

Created by former Netzero Executive, Bob Pack, the new look is much more visual providing a total score of the voted sites and a ranking system that improves upon the algorithmic based order. Sproose uses a ''human popularity voting'' model where users can self-rank the index creating personalized search results. To "Sproose it up," you merely need to click on the "I like it" icon next to the video result and the index will refresh immediately moving that video link up, personalizing it to each users taste." states, Bob Pack, CEO.

Sproose, the emerging leader in personalized, interactive search engines, partnered with blinkx to power video search on its website.  Eurekster announced a similar partnership back in October.

"We're thrilled that Sproose has chosen us to power video search on their website," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CTO of blinkx. "With blinkx's patented speech recognition technologies, Sproose users will be able to find, experience and share all forms of online video.”

About Sproose

Sproose provides a consumer search engine whereby the users can influence the ranking of the index by voting on the results. Each user is able to create a different set of search results when searching under the same keyword. With its proprietary 'Knowledge Rank' moderated directory technologies, Sproose users can effectively categorize and index sites, tailored for personal or group usage. The rating of search results is done without downloading applications to ensure privacy.

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