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Online Video Press Releases Powered By SpotRunnerMultiVu, PR Newswire's multimedia and broadcast PR company, and Spot Runner, a technology company developing the next generation of advertising services, announced today the launch of the MultiVu™ Spot Runner® MNR, a more affordable, all-in-one solution for planning, producing and distributing videos via multimedia news releases (MNR) and direct online video postings.

"Spot Runner's vast production network and creative expertise make it the perfect partner for PR Newswire and MultiVu to expand our online video capabilities and resources. This service enables us to provide our members with a more affordable, comprehensive MNR package that features integrated online video," said Todd Grossman, vice president of Sales, MultiVu, a PR Newswire company. "The MNR is our fastest growing service because more and more companies realize that multimedia content offers the ability to attract a wider and more diverse audience. In fact, our internal data shows that our MNRs with video receive over 35 percent more pickup than those without video."

The MultiVu Spot Runner MNR leverages the Spot Runner Production Network, a global network of thousands of filmmakers and video journalists, and MultiVu's multimedia development and distribution expertise to offer companies a three-step, collaborative process for creating customized videos and disseminating the content online. Working with a MultiVu representative, companies first receive counsel on the details of the script and video content for their MNR. Spot Runner and its filmmakers then work with MultiVu and the company to create a quality 30, 60 or 90 second video for the MNR, with Spot Runner managing creative production. Once the video content and script are complete, MultiVu assembles the final MNR and manages its distribution via PR Newswire and MultiVu's global distribution network, which includes over 40 video sharing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Crackle and blinkx. Companies can also feature the online videos from their MNRs on their own websites.

"With the explosion of online video, more companies are seeking options to create compelling and informative multimedia content," said Rosabel Tao, vice president of Corporate Communications at, Spot Runner. "The Spot Runner Production Network gives us the ability to quickly deploy a local filmmaker to capture onsite footage of a client's business. The combined forces of PR Newswire, MultiVu and Spot Runner have made it easier and more affordable than ever before for a company to add online video to its communications arsenal."

Grossman concluded, "According to a December 2007 Pew survey, 48 percent of internet users have visited a video-sharing site, representing a nearly 50 percent increase from last year. This increased attention combined with the fact that MNRs can serve a variety of communications needs, from product launches, to customer successes, to informing Wall Street about financial earnings through on-camera executive interviews, has driven an increasing number of our members to use multimedia content to enhance their news releases."

Here is some of what you get with this new Video press release offering:

  • Hosting: 3-5 minutes of encoded audio and/or video in the Flash media player format
  • Logos: 1 logo and 2 additional graphics, plus a screen grab of video
  • Links: 5 links to supporting content from your site including HTML and PDF files
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increases the availability of your news release to the millions who search the Internet, extending the life of your message in search engines
  • Global distribution: PR Newswire's premium national distribution, reaching over 4,000-plus media outlets, more than 4,300 Web sites, and almost 100,000 registered journalists on our media-only Web site
  • Online video distribution: Video distribution to major online video portals reaching 30,000,000+ viewers on more than 40 video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Crackle and blinkx
  • Content sharing: HTML code so bloggers and webmasters can embed the video/audio content in their own Web sites
  • Social media tagging: Tagging for the following sites:, Technorati, Digg, Google, Yahoo!, reddit, newsvine, StumbleUpon and Facebook. Also included is a "Forward to a friend" e-mail option for viral marketing
  • HTML e-mail distribution: Distribution of your release to 200 client-supplied contacts
  • Archival of MNR: The link to your MNR HTML page will be available for up to 1 year
  • Custom reporting: ROI reports showing page hits, streams, downloads and views of media points from our media-only Web site. Reports are generally sent 1 day and 1 week after distribution.

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  • Gasmo Orr

    Rick. Isn't Spotrunner in trouble losing something like 200 people in the last few months. What happens to my creative if they go bankrupt? Don't they have a history of charging additional fees. I think I read that they do on their web site. Who needs surprises! I rather go with a reliable and stable TV and web ad producer and media buyer like CheapTVSpots which has already won nearly 150 international awards for their discount advertising services. Another option would be a brick and mortar NYC agency. That could be expensive but at least a real NYC agency is not a tech-bubble boat floating on a thick sea of blog hype.