SpotMixer Expands Distribution With Google Adwords Video Ads

SpotMixer Expands Distribution With Google Adwords Video AdsJust last week, we posted our interview with John Love, CEO of One True Media and their product SpotMixer, which is an online self-service video advertising solution targeted at small and medium sized businesses . John talked with us about the importance of distribution for online video marketing for SMBs.  In May of last year, Spotmixer formed a partnership with GoogleTV to syndicate videos as television advertisements.

"We are part of Google's ad creation marketplace."  said John  "We are the only self-service creation ability in the marketplace. Usually the other ones are videographers who will come out and shoot for you..The trade-off there is that those are very expensive whereas with Spotmixer, it is less than $100 to produce a television ad.  It is much lower priced and it uses the assets that are already available to the business in creating their television ad. "

John also stated that they would be announcing new partnerships for distribution and sure enough, SpotMixer has announced today that they are an official authorized reseller for the Google AdWords online video advertising program.  We think this is an excellent idea as we have pointed out the various advantages in terms of response rates for online video banner ads versus traditional image banner ads.  By video banner ads, I'm referring to a video that is itself an ad and is served within a web page vs. in-stream video ads.

Syndication through Google's Adwords content network allows Spotmixer to offer SMB's an affordable, CPM-based, targeted method for banner ad delivery across the wide reach of AdWords content network.  Furthermore, SpotMixer has been able able to integrate this into their existing plaform via the AdWords API.

"As a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller, SpotMixer provides advertisers the impressive reach of Google and the Google content network to build their brand and business through video ads," said John Love, One True Media's co-founder and CEO. "Just as SpotMixer revolutionized video creation -- making it easy and affordable -- SpotMixer has simplified the process of distributing video ads, delivering a simple and cost-effective self-service option for any business.”

Here are some details regarding their new offering:

"Pay only for views or impressions of your video ads. The minimum daily budget is $10/day with no minimum term. You pay for the impressions you get and will never spend more than your daily budget. You can try this for a couple of weeks, but we recommend running an ad campaign for at least 60 days to get the optimal level of brand exposure and traffic to your website."

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