The nifty thing about Google Trends, in relation to video, is that you can see what people are looking for and create content around those search trends.  With the handy graph that comes up after you enter your first search term, you can start entering other topics and compare them against all the subjects you are interested in.  A lot of these trends have "spikes" as well, which tells you which day a certain topic is most popular.  And recently, Google added YouTube results back to 2008 into the fray.  Google Trends can definitely give you an idea about what kind of content you could be successful making.

Using Google Trends for Making YouTube Content

Got any tips for using Google Trends for more visible YouTube content?  Leave a comment below or on the watch page.

  • Ahmed Sabbe

    Probably the most interesting tool on google. This will turn on the numbers of YouTube viewers becoming higher than what it's normally.

  • UnitedByPhotography™

    will be interesting to see how google trends, combine with social media monitoring can really seo rank and views