Space Oddity From Space and Real-Life Facebook: Fun Video Friday

Space Oddity From Space and Real Life Facebook: Fun Video Friday

Chris Hadfield sang David Bowie's "Space Oddity" on his way back down to Earth, and came back as a bonafide YouTube star in the process.  His videos already did pretty well, but "Space Oddity" has hit 12 million views in 4 days.  It's definitely the biggest highlight of the week, but it's not the only one.  It's not even the only video with Chris Hadfield in it.  We have two videos from Rhett & Link, Epic Meal Time makes a Bacon Arachnid, and Reservoir Dogs gets what it always deserved: sock puppet treatment.  So sit back and enjoy: it's Fun Video Friday.

Fun Video Friday, May 17

I think Chris Hadfield's version of "Space Oddity" has a chance over the course of the year to become one of the top 10 YouTube videos of 2013:

Rhett & Link play the most complicated board game ever:

Teenage boys Jack & Cormac become overnight stars on "Britain's Got Talent" with a great Of Monsters and Men rendition:

The Tonight Show's Karaoke Gas Station:

Extremely Decent Films, which made this awesome video about cable companies, has another awesome video about what it would be like to have Facebook updates in real life:

Epic Meal Time creates a Bacon Arachnid.  It's as scary as it probably is tasty:

Mystery Guitar Man uses 1300 frames and a turntable to animate his latest music video:

The Reservoir Dogs "no one goes by their Christian names" scene, done with sock puppets:

A tiny goat on a horse?  Well, that pretty much has to be seen:

Ducks save someone from a speeding ticket.  What, again?

The Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has gotten in hot water for stating they provide clothes to only the "cool kids."  Filmmaker Greg Karber puts him through the ringer in this awesome video:

Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu just got a fan for life:

This is what a sandstorm looks like when you're in a plane...heading into it:

You've seen sand attack.  Now watch ice attack:

Holland wants you to know that what we think is "cool" is just them being themselves:

Rhett & Link have made a "cracking" commercial for Ryan Lee Chiropractic that is

Oreo clearly understands how to work this internet marketing thing:

With Arrested Development's return imminent, it's only natural that Tobias Fünke would have an audition tape out:

Casino Royale's opening scene in Lego form:

VSauce asks, "What if you were born in space?"

As always, have a great Friday.

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