Sony Introduces 5 New Full-HD Camcorders

Sony Expands High-Definition Camcorder Industry with New Range of Full 1920 x 1080 HD Handycam Camcorders

Sony Electronics Asia Pacific broadens the camcorder category with the introduction of 16 Handycam camcorders in high-definition and standard definition. Within the range of hard disk drive, DVD, HDV and mini-DV models being launched, Sony is debuting five new AVCHD Handycam camcorders. The HDR-SR12, HDR-SR11 and HDR-SR10 hard disk drive camcorders, together with the HDR-UX20 and HDR-UX10 DVD models, are based on AVCHD encoding technology and deliver full 1920 x 1080 HD recording for exceptional image clarity and detail. The five new AVCHD camcorders also incorporate face detection technology for both video and photos that identify up to eight faces in the camcorder's LCD frame and automatically adjust exposure, focus and colour control.

Sony Introduces 5 New Full HD CamcordersSony Introduces 5 New Full HD Camcorders

Sharing advanced imaging innovations from Sony's range of professional camcorders and high-end digital SLR cameras, the ClearVid CMOS sensor with Exmor-derived technology combined with the new BIONZ image processing engine deliver high resolution, high sensitivity and low noise to movie and still image capture. Other features, such as the 10.2 mega-pixel photo capture, face detection technology and D-Range Optimizer, are also enabled by the combination of the ClearVid CMOS sensor and BIONZ processing engine.

Hybrid and Hybrid Plus movie recording on the AVCHD camcorders now allow direct video recording on the optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards, lengthening recording times and providing greater convenience when shooting on the move. The new in-built zoom microphone also records in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for crystal clear audio recording.

"Building upon the success of the Handycam range, Sony has expanded our line of camcorders to give consumers maximum choice and functionality, allowing them to better enjoy creating and viewing movies and photos in high definition easily," said Mr. Tatsuo Takahashi, General Manager and Head of Digital Imaging Marketing Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific.

The five new AVCHD Handycam camcorders incorporate several key digital imaging technologies and features that assure exceptional image quality and results under a varied range of shooting conditions:

Full 1920 x 1080 HD Recording and High Capacity Hard Disk Drives

All five models are based on AVCHD technology and feature Full 1920 x 1080i HD recording, delivering the highest resolution available without sacrificing recording times. In the hard disk drive range of camcorders, the HDR-SR12 incorporates an industry first, in-built 120GB hard disk drive that can continuously record up to 48 hours of HD video, while the HDR-SR11 (60GB) and HDR-SR10 (40GB) can capture up to 22 hours and 15 hours of HD video respectively.

10.2 Mega-pixel Still Image Capture, Face Detection Technology, D-Range Optimizer and Dual Record Mode

The ClearVid CMOS sensor and BIONZ™ image processing engine is a lethal combination of hardware and software that enables features such as 10.2 mega-pixel still image recording, face detection technology and the D-Range Optimizer.

Improving upon previous Handycam models, this new range of HD camcorders incorporate face detection technology for both video and photos that can identify up to eight faces in the camcorder's LCD frame. It automatically allocates more pixels to the detected face during the AVCHD encoding process, optimizing focus, exposure and colour for natural-looking skin tones, and when photos are taken, flash control.

The D-Range Optimizer suppresses "blackout" in subjects and "whiteout" in brightly lit environments, ensuring more natural, evenly-exposed pictures especially when shooting high contrast and strong backlit scenes.

Dual Record Mode and Xtra Fine LCD Display

When in Dual Record mode which allows for simultaneous video and photo capture, the HDR-SR12 and HDR-SR11 are able to capture 7.6 mega-pixel photos up to the capacity allowed by the media card. Both models also incorporate the Xtra Fine LCD display that offers approximately four times higher resolution and 1.5 times greater contrast in comparison with the Clear Photo LCD Plus display used in previous models.

Hybrid and Hybrid Plus Movie Recording

Hybrid and Hybrid Plus movie recording provides up to three recording media options (DVD, Memory Stick and internal flash memory) in one device, ultimately lengthening recording times. The HDR-SR12, HDR-SR11 and HDR-SR10 feature hybrid movie recording on optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards as well as their in-built hard drives. Both movies and photos can then be directly transferred from the camcorder's hard drive to the media card without the use of a computer.

The HDR-UX10 camcorder also features hybrid movie recording on a Memory Stick media card and up to an hour of continuous recording on a DVD +R double-layer disc. Hybrid Plus recording on the HDR-UX20 camcorder provides three recording media options on one device. Movies can be transferred from the camcorder's internal memory and Memory Stick to disc, while photos can be transferred from internal memory to Memory Stick easily using the One Touch Disk Burn button.

Optional 16GB Memory Stick PRO Duo media

This large-capacity flash storage device is the optimal recording media for HD content on the new AVCHD camcorders, as it quickly and easily transfers large amounts of video content between devices. Users can store up to 110 minutes of HD video recorded in 1920 mode, almost 6 hours of HD video when shooting in 1440 LP mode, and up to 3800 still pictures in 10 mega-pixel resolution.

The Sony HDR-SR12, HDR-SR11, HDR-SR10, HDR-UX20 and HR-UX10 Handycam camcorders are available in Asia Pacific from end February 2008.

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    The HDR-UX10 camcorder also features hybrid movie recording on a Memory Stick media card and up to an hour of continuous recording on a DVD +R double-layer disc.

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