Sony HDR-XR500V Camcorder Test Review Video

Sony HDR XR500V Camcorder Test Review Video

Looking for a compact mid-range camcorder for your online video marketing needs?

Sony HDR XR500V Camcorder Test Review VideoGrant Crowell of ReelSEO gives a brief review of the Sony HDR-XR500VSony HDR XR500V Camcorder Test Review Video 120GB High Definition Handycam® Camcorder and its Bluetooth microphone for its online video (and audio) marketing capabilities, at the Sony Style store in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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  • Doris

    The voice seems to come out with a doubled effect, doesn't it and the micro seems pretty big. Bad sound can really kill a well shot video. From what I see, it does not convince me.

  • Hershel Miller

    I like how there is a GPS reciever7 so you can Geo tag videos and photos. You can also search for and find scenes by location.

  • Mark Robertson

    Audio sucks sucks sucks. Is it possible that you used both the bluetooth mic and the onboard mic at the same time? Ill stick with canon's model any day.

  • Mark Robertson

    Ill tell you though, we need to do more of these - good job - #2 for Sony HDR-XR500V camcorder.....

  • Paul

    I have last years model the SR12 and love it.
    While the software that comes with the cam might not work
    with the MAC, you can still hook it up by USB and copy / paste
    your files from the cam to your drive. Specs say it has better
    low light than mine.