The Jun Group put out a fantastic infographic today and it's all about one of our favorite subjects: social video. Specifically, the infographic looks at how well social video works for brands and advertisers that are using video within social media and social networks. It also has some interesting data on what kind of videos work the best, and what doesn't work as well as we might have believed.

Social Video Works

Here's the infographic in question--warning, you might get lost in it for several minutes (click to see the full-size version):

For Social Video Success, Make Em Laugh jungroup 606x2368

Now let's break down some of the data into bite-sized morsels, shall we?

Humor Rules Social Video

Humor videos are prominent among social video campaigns, with 4 in 10 aiming for humor as the chief goal. Why is this? Easy: because people who watch humorous videos are more than 3 times more likely to click through to a brand's Facebook page than viewers of other kinds of video content.

Celebrity Endorsements Are No Guarantee

A lot of brands use celebrities in their social video campaigns. And while it can be a successful strategy, Jun Group's research suggests that celebrities are no kind of guarantee of views or success. In fact, celebrity-driven social video campaigns drive 12% fewer clicks to Facebook pages than videos that don't feature celebrities.

Hmmm... that almost makes it sound like a negative to use a celebrity.

Video Length Matters

Shorter videos, 15 seconds or so, are far less common in branded social video, but tend to provide the best click-through rates. While ads longer than 60 seconds account for half of all campaigns, and are the 2nd most successful length in terms of click through.

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Most surprising? That videos between 16 and 60 seconds are 41% less effective than videos over one minute long.

So it certainly seems like there's a dead zone there... up to 15 seconds brings pretty good click-through, and so does over a minute. Anything in between diminishes your chances of success, which is really interesting to me.

Demographics of Social Video

  • Women rule the world of social video. In fact, a whopping 63% of all social video views are from women.
  • Most viewers are between 18 and 44--60% of them, actually.
  • Another interesting factoid: the 12-17 year-old user base has increased by 48% since 2011 began. Yikes. That's a lot of young people.

Social Video Success

Users opting in to watch social videos are 3 times more likely to interact with that brand than users watching pre-roll or other traditional video ad formats. Social videos also drive people to Facebook in major ways, with "join us on Facebook" as the main post-view action used by 40% of all social video campaigns.


Social video works. Making your online video advertising about entertainment and content first--and advertising second--drives traffic to social networks and produces more results than standard video ad formats. And while celebrity endorsements are going to remain popular for some time, it's possible that brands could get more bang for their buck by going for laughs over star power.

What do you think? Do you find yourself more open to interacting with a brand that uses humor? Are you more likely to engage a brand using social video over traditional video ads?

  • Stuart Sweetow

    Celebrities will not laugh at this. Is there a breakdown of the 61+ sec. run times? Is two minutes better than 15 minutes..

  • Pam Brossman

    Be interesting to see if the increase in 12-17 years olds is because so many people are doing paid views using things like TubePromoter, and Fiverrr to increase their views. Or if it is really that demographic hanging out on music videos and gaming videos. Does the data say what type of video they are watching? If it is boring marketing or business videos then you know it is paid views if it is music, star wars, minecraft or leggo than it is probably pretty accurate data.

  • Video Leads Online

    It is good to point out that "effectiveness" here is apparently based on going to or interacting with Facebook/Social Media locations (not causing a sale, etc.) - One might assume that the effectiveness would cross over to other desired actions, but that is truly an Assumption.

    Interesting about the "Dead Zone" in video length... make 'em shorter than 16 sec. or longer than 1 min. - Not in between.