Why Businesses Should “Socialize” with Video: Socialize 2011

Why Businesses Should “Socialize” with Video: Socialize 2011

I will be speaking on social video marketing at "Socialize 2011– Monetizing Social Media" conference March 31 – April 1st, 2011 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. The conference is being presented by Mediabistro, SocialTimes, and AllFacebook. I will be speaking on the 2nd day of the conference, with my presentation titled, "Social Video Marketing: What Every Business Should Know (and Do!)”

About the "Socialize – Monetizing Social Media" Conference

Socialize 2011 is being billed as a gathering of professionals from all aspects of the social media spectrum: social gaming, virtual goods, startups, mobile and media: business owners/leaders, business development, strategy/operations, and marketing.

Why Businesses Should “Socialize” with Video: Socialize 2011

Why Businesses Should "Socialize" with Video Marketing

Wikipedia defines "socialization" as the primary means that human beings acquire the skills necessary to perform as a functioning member of their society, and is the most influential learning process one can experience. I think "socialize" works as an action verb for how people use technology, tools, customs, values, roles and language of social media – not just for ROI, but also to build and improve on our own business culture. I've found video to be the ideal medium for socializing in business as well as personal life, and I'm looking forward to demonstrating real examples of that in action in my session titled, "Social Video Marketing: What Every Business Should Know (and Do)."

"Given the pervasive popularity and proliferation of video in both search results and social media campaigns, we felt that our Socialize agenda would not be complete without a serious strategy discussion on video optimization and monetization by senior media analyst and expert videologist, Grant Crowell.

In addition to Grant, our Socialize program also features in-depth coverage of video and virtual currency as it applies to social game and virtual world publishers.  Be sure to join us as Lauren Bigelow (WeeWorld) and Chris Emme (RadiumOne Social) explore the benefits from Cost Per View (CPV) video and reveal up-to-the-minute data on how users share video with friends." -Stewart Quealy, Director of Content, Events/Conferences at Mediabistro.com

Looking Also for Legal Guidance with Social Media?

I recommend my fellow video and social media marketers also check out the session following my own titled "Social Media Marketing: Legal & Regulatory Compliance," featuring attorney and guest-of-ReelSEO, David M. Adler. To paraphrase David's own preview copy, media sites and video sharing sites are great strategic tools, but with new technological developments also bring new legal business risks. Understanding and minimizing these risks will help you maximize the opportunities for your business along with improving the overall ROI.

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