Ho Ho Ho It’s Our Podcast Show! Social Video Marketing (Further) Explained

Ho Ho Ho Its Our Podcast Show! Social Video Marketing (Further) Explained

I am this week's featured guest on the popular podcast talk show, DishyMix, hosted by Susan Bratton of PersonalLifeMedia, about what is "social video marketing" and some of the ways businesses can stand to gain from it. If you like your interviews big 'n' cheesy, with a squeeze of personality, then be sure not to get too excited and have your car veer off the road when you here what we have to say.

DishyMix is one of the longer -running podcast shows to date – 183 episodes to date and counting – all hosted by media personality Susan Bratton about "success secrets from famous media and Internet business executives." (Yeah, so I'm sure you're thinking, why have Grant on there??)

What You'll Hear – From My Lips to your Ears

This week's DishyMix podcast show is part 1 of a 2-part series Susan had me as her guest, where we discuss the following topics:

  • Video formats and styles suited to marketers
  • Production value and equipment recommendations
  • Distribution and Syndication options demystified

In next week's show, you'll hear me talk with Susan on the following topics

  • Social video marketing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Conversion-to-Sale tracking recommendations
  • Online video SEO – appearing in Google's Universal Search Results
  • Legal issues including copyrights, fair use, employee social media policies, and more.

About Susan Bratton and The DishyMix Show

Ho Ho Ho Its Our Podcast Show! Social Video Marketing (Further) ExplainedSusan Bratton's bio mentions her as "the co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc., a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults. (click here for The Story) Personal Life Media produces 40 weekly audio shows (podcasts) and companion blogs and is a publisher of direct-to-consumer online information products. The company provides automated platforms for podcast and information product publishing to serve experts who deliver motivational programs, talk shows, virtual workshops, downloadable training systems and support programs via blogs, web audio, video and ebooks.”

I think you'll agree with me that Susan is a very skillful interviewer, and I recommend checking out her Talk Show Tips System.

Here's an excerpt right from the show program, which should give you an idea of what your'e in for:

"Join Susan Bratton, industry connector, cognoscenti and creator of the Talk Show Tips System as she combines her bold approach and playful persona in this 'dishy mix' of a talk show that dives deep into the life lessons of fascinating individuals from the world of digital media, advertising, marketing, social media and Web 2.0. Get pearls of wisdom, smart advice and warnings to heed.

"Susan gets titans of industry to reveal themselves, not just their business strategy, through personal stories, their biographies, exploits and escapades. She goes beyond executive development to uncover the actions that get results. Find out what life is like as a big cheese, how they got where they are and what they want next in their lives. This show will mentor you so you can leave your own legacy of leadership. Be inspired. Be amazed. Most of all… be entertained."

So yes, I did reveal myself. It was like the equivalent of a podcast Playgirl spread, "stickiness" included. I may not be a "big cheese," but I sure acted big 'n' cheesy.

OK, enough with my double entendres already. Just listen to the show!

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