Social Media Dos & Dont's: How Businesses Should Properly Engage with Social Media

Social Media Dos & Donts: How Businesses Should Properly Engage with Social Media

What are the rules for social media engagement in the social Web? How often should you post on Facebook? How should you handle customer complaints on Twitter? I asked social media expert Scott Meldrum of Pollin8 for his top 3 social tips on how to engage with social media properly and what to avoid. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

So, in all my conversations with brands, marketers, and agencies, the number one thing they want to know about is how to perform better in social media and how to truly use social to drive their brand.  After all, revenues in the US from social networks should reach 3B this year and nearly 4B next year, according to emarketer.

Social Media Dos & Donts: How Businesses Should Properly Engage with Social MediaSo, I asked social media expert, Scott Meldrum of the digital agency, Pollin8, who has worked with clients such as Starbucks, Best-Buy, and Shell for his top three do's and dont's for social media and here they are:

Top 3 Social Media Tips, Do's and Dont's

#1) Focus on Social Communication

  • DO focus on social communication as equally as you focus on social content. Facebook and Twitter are more communication engines than content engines.
  • Don't make social media just a platform to promote your product.  Let your customers promote the product and use social media to promote your customers.

#2) Listen and Engage

  • Do listen and engage with your audience everyday.  They want you to talk with them but not at them.
  • Don't avoid customer complaints or gripes.  One or two unanswered negative comments can leave a huge impression on your prospective customers, not just the person who's posting that comment.

#3) Build Equity and Social Relationships

  • Do build equity in your social channels.  The long-term ROI on a social customer can be 10 times higher than a non-social customer.
  • Don't assume that just because a consumer "likes your brand" that they're a social customer.  You have to continue to build that relationship and turn that "Like" into Love.

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