Social IPTV Platform for Internal Collaboration

Social IPTV Platform for Internal CollaborationBrandstation is a truly unique and cutting-edge social communications platform, created by ltd, the social technology company. With ready-made core functionality, brandstation offers bespoke communications solutions around brand and marketing business objectives- creating an innovative and effective way to utilize Web 2.0 technology for businesses.

In essence, brandstation took the Web 2.0 technologies used in to create a branded client solution for internal collaboration (think Facebook for blue-chip's) and external marketing and branding. Brandstation gives any business an easy solution to the common problem of effective online marketing and internal collaboration and uses the phenomenon of social networking to the brands advantage.

The platform enables companies to enjoy the functionality of a Web 2.0 corporate social network for team collaboration and external brand communications. Some of the features allow users to video blog, customize event calendars, navigate with tag clouds, change design templates with dynamic flash navigation, manage RSS feeds, share social bookmarks, enjoy an intuitive and customized AJAX interface, tag and search content across access controlled team networks. It allows any business to take advantage of video platforms and other Web 2.0 technologies and uses them to provide for an engaging and connected online experience.

Fundamentally, video is the most engaging media format online today, prompting effective communication, social network effects with access to personalized and targeted content. is inspiring the Internet TV and social platform industry and knows that clients want more cutting edge Web 2.0 features to be available for both internal and external media communication.

According to Peter Woodford the CTO of ltd "Our aim was to create a bespoke platform for bluechip companies to use for their internal and external communication so they could share information across teams in a more social and dynamic way." What resulted was the subsequent development of the brandstation solution for clients wishing to maximize their brand's global online presence and allowing leading brands to compete more effectively to harness the power of the increasingly social and video-centric Internet.

A brandstation gives clients rapid setup and integration within a simple to maintain infrastructure. The front-end presentation layer is completely customizable with cross browser / platform support whilst remaining adherent to web standards. The management information system (MIS) has a self-service web interface and highly fault-tolerant ultra secure architecture.

Brandstation management features include user profile management access control, content management with publishing workflow / version control, events, forums, blogs, category and navigation control, multi-format video channel management, real-time analytics reports and API integration.

Client customizations have also taken the platform into areas such as retrieving information from Second Life, video advertising campaign control, desktop and mobile synchronizers, live video conferencing integration, editing Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and Wiki pages in the browser.

With's creative flair and passion for innovation, brandstation is constantly evolving. The latest advance is an on-demand service that is currently being developed to be launched in the next coming months. This will make creating a customized brandstation for businesses even easier- still comprising all of brandstations many features whilst only taking as little as a few minutes to set up. creates marketing solutions around client's specific needs and builds custom branded interfaces to meet client objectives.This is an innovative and potentially huge piece of social technology that could revolutionize the way businesses and corporations communicate with staff and customers alike.

To see some online examples and experience a full demo, please visit

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  • James

    Sounds like a good platform. I think the corporate intranet market will increase soon. There are so many new ways to communicate and share information. Having something like this should save people time and focus ones attention on the ares that matter. Quite a good feature set really, we are looking to use this platform for internal corporate comms.

  • Howard

    This is a really interesting concept and I like their demo site as you can look at all of the features in detail. It seems that brandstation may have come up with a great solution to fill the obvious gap in the B2B social platforms market.
    It is clear that sooner or later, large corporations and businesses will have to adapt and accommodate to Web 2.0 and it could be even more important and useful to do this for internal collaboration?
    I like this software and look forward to hearing more from Viewmytv as I am sure this will take off.

  • PeterW

    this smells of self promotion....shameless...

  • Merriginian

    I find them to be the spammiest site imaginable. On my blog I get about 20 messages each month promoting this site and they all resolve to an ip address in the britain. the way this article reads is almost exact to the comments left in my blog.

    i filed a report with spamhaus and i'm happy to say that this site is now added to the blacklist.