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Multimedia Search Engine   Snipp.tvNSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.), specializing in speech recognition technology, today announced the launch of Snipp.TV, a multimedia search engine designed for search within online multimedia files ( ).

The Beta version of the search engine enables users to search online video and audio files in English for content covering a variety of topics including current and recent business, news, entertainment, science and health.

The search process is based on advanced analysis of the soundtrack of a multimedia file to perform keywords detection, and the use of additional data specific to the file. Exhibiting a very high accuracy rate, the detailed soundtrack analysis of the multimedia content and the resulting keywords detection enable to produce highly relevant search results and make the soundtrack content visible to classical search engines.

The interface of Snipp.TV was specifically designed for ease-of-use, assuring rapid, simplified identification of relevant online content, as well as quick and convenient filtering of results, via access to the exact location of the keywords detected in the clip.

Currently, Snipp.TV covers content from various online web sites, and is updated daily with recent and current available multimedia files and clips as they become available on these sites

"Snipp.TV addresses the challenge of searching non-textual information, which accounts for a substantial portion of Internet content. Speech analysis of multimedia content enables the return of more relevant results than searches based only on text that accompanies the content. Our technology delivers an unprecedented level of accuracy with substantially more relevant results than those achieved by other technologies," according to Dr. Ami Moyal, CEO of NSC. "Together with the interface designed specifically for this type of search, the user can rapidly obtain relevant information, without downloading and listening to lengthy video files - an experience which we have created on the site.”

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