Video Search Engine for India – Sneak Cast

Video Search Engine for India   Sneak Cast

SneakCast is India's first 'Video Search Engine'. SneakCast' went live today on 25th September, at 6:00 AM (E.D.T.).

SneakCast is a video search engine and the creators claim that it is the most powerful algorithm yet for video search. They even compare it to Google. SneakCast claims to be different from other video search engines in that it ranks its search results by a relevancy, and popularity amongst other factors.

"We have been testing and re-testing every single part of our home grown algorithm to make it rock solid, this is what we have finally attained." said Utkarsh Sinha Founder and CTO. The search engine company is poised to take advantage of the booming streaming media market and the increasing broadband connections.

Sneakcast is currently seeking financial funding from Venture Capitalist's & angel investors. – the company was formed in April 2007 on the sole concept of media for online viewers with a twist. Its foundation is based on a core engine developed by the company to drastically enhance its user's search experience. Hence, the company developed a unique way of providing and allowing its users around the globe to enjoy online media content at its best. As the multimedia search engine industry is still in its developing phase, has made its top priority to enter early in the market and capture a major share in the internet community, hence strengthening its foothold for future developments/expansion. A strong support from our technical team and the management will help the company to penetrate Indian and the global markets.

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