1 In 4 SMBs To Spend More for Online Video In 2010

1 In 4 SMBs To Spend More for Online Video In 2010Yes, more than 25% of small businesses are planning on some sort of spending for online video next year according to a report just released by Ad-ology Research. That sure sounds like more than just a fad or an emerging market.  It's also 75% more than the year before they say.
The research says that 28% are planning to spend more for online video, 25% on social networking and 21% on mobile ads.

The social network of choice? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Advertising seems to be on the rise as 29% said they are increasing the total amount spent and pushing more towards online.

The Ad-ology report also showed that 20% of small business owners are optimistic about the economy and its recovery next year.

Other notes:

  • 31% say they don't use social media because their customers don't use social media.
  • More than one-third of these business owners plan to spend more time writing white papers and e-articles.
  • 52% of small business owners surveyed plan to devote more resources to cause marketing in 2010.
  • 42% plan to participate in trade shows or conferences, and the percentage of these planning to spend on trade publications increased 18% from last year.

It seems that of late a lot of pundits and business owners are sure the economy will get moving next year and start climbing out of its downward slide. But with the way things are progressing in D.C. can anyone be too sure? Bankers recently stiffed the President on a meeting, his policies are meeting with criticism and roadblocks at every turn (almost) and the people never seem to be happy. Unhappy people does not turn in to increased purchasing, does it? I guess it depends on getting jobs made and filled, getting products made and sold and getting steps taken to stimulate it all.

Source: Ad-ology Research - Small Business Marketing Forecast

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