Admittedly there is probably a bias of opinion both in myself and in many of the readers at ReelSEO, but I am going to attempt to approach this subject objectively to find out if all websites can benefit form video content. I decided that the best way to do this would be to ask 5 friends who love to stitch me up to pick a website each that they think it would be difficult to create a video about. I would then have to come up with a way for the site to use video that would enhance their website experience for the site visitors.

Unfortunately, as you will see below their challenges were pathetic or ridiculous so in search of a real contest I bid you to enter a website URL into the comment box for me to find a way that they could leverage video to make their site fulfill it's purpose in life better.

The Test - Find A Small Business That Can't Make Use Of Online Video

The Secret of Invisibility

Easy – Invisibility can be filmed with no problem whatsoever. You just need to build a believable background story. This is no different to those ghost-hunting programs that show late at night and that entertain the post bar crowd. You need to have insane people who are convincing as sane or just good actors and get them to retell the training program that they have been through and how they have achieved and used their invisibility to do courageous, daring, perverted or just plain interesting things. Not many people will believe it but it could easily be well received and shared around as amusement.

Fish & Chip Shop in Northern England

Perfect – If I saw a video of some fresh fish being lovingly battered, good quality potatoes cut and then fried in clean and not too heavy on the heart ground nut oil then I would be getting the car keys ready, if this was then followed by some customers eating their dinner and obviously enjoying it and saying why they buy their fish and chips there then I would be sold.

A Blog About Sports Injuries?

Again, yes – although the site is a bit of a lackluster attempt it does not mean that it could not be better, a lot better. They could run a series of videos giving case studies of injured athletes, looking at the detail of the injuries that they have suffered and why. The videos could show the riskier training exercises that have led to injuries and also show the training exercises and techniques to use to avoid injury. If the videos focus on well-known athletes then the videos could have a viral effect and gain a broader viewing.

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A Niche Blog on Stomach Ulcers

Getting trickier, but wait a minute how about looking at the causes of stomach ulcers and how to avoid them. They can be avoided through a healthy diet of low fat food focusing on wholegrain rice and cereals, high vegetable intake and lots of non-citrus fruits. So how about we do a series of videos that show how to cook delicious meals that focus on using ingredients that are known to help reduce the issue of stomach ulcers.

You're The Man Now Dog (Really not sure how to classify)

Fair do's, this is hard. But going back to basics we look at what the point of the site is; in this case it is to give people a momentary giggle. So we have Sean Connery delivering one of his lines from Finding Forrester (I think). There could be a video accompanying the spoken work showing scenes that could be applied to the phrase "you're the man now dog”. This could use the same concept as the Snatch Wars series of videos – here's one for you if you haven't seen them:

Should All Small Businesses Get Involved With Online Video?

So what about small business sites in general?

I think that many small businesses are in the position where they have a website that tells the world what they do, they paid a web designer to make it look pretty, they have a handsome looking photo of themselves on there but they struggle to get much traffic to the site. You have a homepage, an About Us page, a Services page and a Contact Us page but that is about it. It's flat and it's pretty boring to all except the owner and his most supportive of friends. So you decide that what you need is to create some interesting content on your site to add value to the few visitors that do come so that they may then recommend you to others through social sharing or whatever; good idea. Is Video relevant and useful to you?

Here the answer is a resounding yes, I have always found that behind almost every business that I deal with there is a passionate person with good ideas that is adding value to the world. Video is the perfect medium to be able to communicate your ideas in a compelling manner. Of course it needs to be done well, but a human being explaining something often beats a textual explanation and video gives you the opportunity to display visually what you mean.

The point is that every website has been created for a reason and if you can verbalise that reasoning then you can also communicate it visually.

  • Robert_Rowshan

    Agreed, I was just talking about this with a friend. There is no doubt that you have to be have a video presence online. I'm glad I found your site btw, just signed up for your free 101 business video ebook. Thanks!


  • Robert_Rowshan

    Agreed, I was just talking about this with a friend. There is no doubt that you have to be have a video presence online. I'm glad I found your site btw, just signed up for your free 101 business video ebook. Thanks!


  • Chris Crafton

    Great article and good way to remain as objective as you could. Our business video sharing and hosting site has videos from over 7,000 companies, most of them small businesses that you'd never think would produce an online video...but the proof is in the pudding...they're getting views and uploading more videos each day. Even videos featuring engineers discussing the latest in foil resistor technology. Not sexy, true, but but effective.

  • Mark Medlin

    Look for the ways an idea CAN be done, rather than why it won't work.

  • Chris Abbott links to an Ulcer site... :))))

  • My Web Presenters

    In response to video leads online. So a car dealership you say...
    You want to show that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, fair and helpful.
    So, how about a series of videos on second hand car rip offs. You could use case studies of people who have been ripped off and how. You could look into the various different scams with cut and shut and shows users how to spot these problems through tieing up chassis numbers and checking them out.
    When buying a second hand car there are a lot of people that suffer from fear, fear that they do not know what they are talking about and are vulnerable.
    Therefore if you can produce a series of videos that reduces that vulnerability then it will be appealing to large numbers of people.
    In case this is not obvious from my avatar it is Neil Davidson (I just used the company Facebook log in to reply).

  • Pete Kvist

    The key is consistency though. Consistency of producing video and building a community. Too many people believe that they can put up one video, it will go viral and they can become famous. Ummm, no. We have seen great results in people who post consistent video content and slowly building a community around their brand. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Video Leads Online

    How about suggestions for a video for a car dealer site... other than the usual re-used TV commercials (making content not commercials). How does a small dealership come up with video to set their dealership apart? Like or

    • Marc Martinez

      I've shot video content for an online dealership. The CEO of that company also owns a few dealerships of his own. You could take advantage of viral video and shoot comedic content playing off of dealership stereotypes.

    • Video Leads Online

      We tried that once and were told to "take that video down"... too many of the dealer's buddies/competitors were complaining to our employing dealership! We showed a sleazy Used Car Guy wearing a checkered jacket...

    • Marc Martinez

      These guys took a more "sexist" approach lol...

    • Video Leads Online

      Marc Martinez That is a video advertising for a Dealership Promotion company... I was speaking about how to make better vids for the Actual Dealership - the people selling the cars.

    • Marc Martinez

      I grew up watching this guy.

  • Danny Vidmeup via Facebook

    I'm glad the answer is a resounding yes (sorry if that's a spoiler!). I definately feel it adds value to a small business site to have video content - it just brings it to life and makes the product and service more clear and appealing. I hope plenty of samll business owners read this. Very interesting and well written article, thanks.

  • Mike Thorstenson

    How about video on FB. Instead of say, a restaurant posting their menus verbally, a quick cut video of of a meal being prepared and presented would be memorable!

  • Lanette Higham

    People spend more time watching video online than reading a newspaper. Who even uses the yellow pages anymore. Page one of google rules..

  • Carol Meinhardt

    exactly. There is no business that a well-thought video can't enhance.