For this week's Reel Rebel video production tip, in an effort to dispel the myth that holding your hands in an L-shape for a shot makes you look like a professional filmmaker, we discuss and review the merits of the SL Director's Viewfinder app.  This digital viewfinder app is available for Android devices and is used by directors and cinematographers to help block out and stage their shots.

 SL Director's Viewfinder Android App - Review

The SL Director's Viewfinder app was created by Stephen Lebed, a long time visual effects supervisor in the television and film industry.  The app allows you to simulate the view of many of today's top cameras and different focal lengths of lenses.  The Viewfinder app even comes with built in grids that gives you the rule of thirds to help properly compose each shot.

You can capture shots directly to your phone's gallery making it easy to print the images out and insert them into your storyboard.  Utilizing the app will save you time and money by allowing you to know which lens is best to use.

At under ten dollars it's well worth the investment to ensure your shots are great every time.

Question:  What other apps or tools do you use to help you plan and frame your video shots?