Free Skype Video Messages Now Available On All Platforms

Free Skype Video Messages Now Available On All Platforms

After a few months in beta, Skype's video messaging feature is now available to all users via the Windows 8, Windows Desktop, iPhone, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry platforms. Video calling has been available for a while but the new update gives subscribers the ability to record a short message (up to three minutes) and send it to friends, family or work colleagues. Skype say that you can record, send and receive as many messages as you want – and the best part is that it's completely free of charge. If contacts are offline, they'll be able to view your video message as soon as they sign into their Skype account. Skype for Windows and Windows Phone users will receive the video messages via a link that they can view online.

With Skype users spending 2 Billion minutes per day connecting to each other, the Microsoft owned application has replaced now replaced Microsoft Messenger in every country except China. Skype has released a video about the new features which you can watch here:


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