YouTube's new design changes gives a lot of new options for content creators who run their own channels. In this week's episode of Producer Tip, we show you video producers some of the changes behind the scenes of our ReelSEO YouTube channel and some of the implications they hold for how we adjust our strategy for engaging with our audience and how we present our content.

The social activity stream on the home page means we need to think through what kind of social interaction we're going to share, how much of it, and when we do our interaction. The new layouts mean we have to decide how to present our content in a way that works best for our audience. And many other things.

How To Set Up Your Channel For The New YouTube Design

QUESTION: How has the new design affected what you do with your channel?



  • IScopez Trickshotz

    Hey, I need to know how to make the space between the title part of my channel eg. ReelSEO marketting tips and the youtube search bar. I see people with really fancy text and backgrounds above their channel, I have made my background like that but it gets completely covered by the whole channel's box's. Very hard to explain, but I hope you can help me :) Thanks.

  • Marilyn Kay

    Hey YouTubers, Check out this video on all the changes YouTube is making to your channels. I found it really helpful.

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    Do you have a link or video on the background template to customize your channel for the new design?

    • ReelSEO

      Not at the moment, but I have that on my list of ideas for future Creator's Tip videos, so hopefully soon! :)

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    Thanks for the information. I miss changing the channel frame color for branding.

  • Frankie L Briscoe


    • ReelSEO

      In a good way or in a bad way? :)