Our own ReelSEO publisher Mark Robertson was a featured speaker this past week at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit held in Seattle, Washington. We've included here Mark's full presentation titled, Building on the Success of Video with New PPC and SEO Strategies, which is all about optimizing e-commerce video for search as well as using YouTube (organic and paid) for e-commerce video. 

About The 2010 Video Commerce Summit

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E Commerce Video Online event logo e1280265849983 The 2010 Video Commerce Summit, held in Seattle on July 23, 2010 and hosted by Liveclicker, featured an impressive lineup of speakers, panelists from some of the leading businesses and industry researchers including: HSN, Overstock.com, Stanford University, REI, Zappos, PFI Western, Goodmail Systems, OnlineShoes.com and our own publication, ReelSEO. (OK, so we're not as impressive as the rest in that bunch.) Presenters showcased  the special opportunities and advantages today with using online video for commerce, plus cutting edge cases and best practices on how to take our video commerce programs to the next level.

The ReelSEO Presentation: Video With SEO And PPC Strategies

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E Commerce Video Online mark robertson card Here are some key points to gather from Mark's SlideShare presentation:

  • What are the most compelling arguments for Video SEO in e-commerce?
  • Why e-commerce websites are better positioned than most other types of businesses to trump YouTube in Google's blended/universal search results.
  • How to maximize YouTube with e-commerce.
  • Special SEO tips for product videos, and product pages with videos.
  • New opportunities in paid e-commerce video placement.
  • Why Mark can't fully appreciate Seattle Mariners baseball. (OK, that comes at the beginning.)
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Thanks to the event host (and my sponsor) Liveclicker for making all of my coverage possible for our audience at ReelSEO.

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    Nice post mate, always a great read...

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    Its really good post.....video marketing if used in proper way can provide more target traffic and better ROI

    Users are more interested in Visuals than content which means putting video clips about your product on a website is much easier for the user to understand rather than reading the content.

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    great post Mark. Video SEO is such a compelling and underutilized component of online video programs. It is sure to continue up the priority charts as executives evaluate online video strategies. Workflow automation and video management services certainly play a key role here as well since optimizing individual videos and landing pages can be cumbersome and expensive if not properly planned.

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      I agree with you, i have also noted that the sites which use Video Marketing, ranks well in Search Engines, i will have to digg it more from SEO point of view as well because Video Marketing generate more traffic and increase click rate which is one of the ranking factor by google

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    Nice post Grant. It was great seeing you at the show.