The Definitive Video SEO Guide: SEO Tips & Tutorials for Video

The Definitive Video SEO Guide: SEO Tips & Tutorials for Video

The following is an index of our more popular video search engine optimization (Video SEO, VSEO, video search optimization - whatever you want to call it) tips, tutorials, guidelines, presentations, and articles about everything from distribution techniques for VSEO; to MRSS feeds and XML sitemaps for optimizing hosted video for universal search; to YouTube optimization best practices and more.

We will update this list from time to time as we post additional video SEO tips, tutorials, guidelines, etc....

Feel free to bookmark and Enjoy:

Video SEO (hosted) Tips & Tutorials for Your Website

Video Marketing & Youtube Optimization Tips (VSEO)

Social Video Marketing Tips:

Video SEO Tips from Friends

General Video SEO Tips & Techniques

Additional Resources

Of course, we dont stop…. Expect more from us. We plan to continue with updated tips and information, the latest research and trends, case studies, and more… Including a forum for users to discuss advance strategies and tactics. Stay tuned for more ;-)

Feel free to search and browse our site for more information.

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  • Jose Luis Aguilar

    Well I have two questions #1 I don't understand the two pack four back issue, is this under my control or out of my control and how do I control it?
    #2 Do mentioning Location Keywords plus having the proper locations settings in the video helps you? Lets say I'm a Florida realtor so I would want my video to rank on top go Google's Universal SERP in Florida only since I would have less competition and I really don't care about the rest. Would this be possible?

  • Mark Robertson

    Thanks. How it took me this long I dont know but thanks - I see them now.

  • snoman

    superb info! going to try this over the summer
    my previous life was 12 years making tv at the beeb, so I shold be able to create some quality video content for my ski holidays company - now I have a great place to research optimising it for search - v cool indeed - thanks!

  • MainSpring Video

    A lot of great tools here - as a Business Video company, it's important to have websites like reelseo to compare/contrast strategies with and get great ideas from - Thanks!

  • Mark Robertson


    I am a fan !!! Great Information !!!!

  • Fergusonjohn

    Fantastic tips!

    Great stuff Mark, cheers!

  • Steam Showers

    This is whole new avenue for me!

    I have been optimizing websites for years and working on different link strategies, but this is the first time I have studied optimizing video's.

    I have read a large amount of your work and find it exceptionally helpful.

  • Sauk Valley Web Design

    What an awesome article and list of resources! Thanks. I'm preparing to engage in this as I'm purchasing the Kodak Zi8.

  • ryanarmstrong

    That is quite the exhaustive list, props on putting it together. I've already read a couple, but a ton of them were new to me! I've always had troubles promoting videos online properly, and getting traction with them, so these articles are greatly appreciated.

    There's an online webinar that I am going to attend (full disclosure: a friend of mine is putting it on, hence how I know about it) that talks about how to leverage online videos to bring people in and to cross promote your website. Might be worth a

    @Mark: A client of mine who does flame testing on products had an idea of doing a "will it blend" type of thing but with his flame chamber. What are your thoughts on doing videos that are pretty one off to what the client sells. i.e. I'm sure the video could do pretty well, but would it really drive relevant traffic/interest to the client, who sells testing services.

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Ryan. I do think that those videos can help with branding and if
      popular enough - they can help with direct sales as has happened with
      willitblend, but is very difficult, if not impossible to "plan" a viral
      video if you know what I mean.

  • dhirajch

    Really a great great blog for video optimization thanks.

  • JStanton

    This is a great list of resources!! As an search marketing expert and SEM Manager, I find these resources to be very helpful and useful! It's always nice to have a go-to resource guide when trying to provide SEO for clients.

  • Shane Melaugh

    Wow, what a great collection of resources!
    Thanks for that. There goes my weekend, I guess. ^^

  • Du Lam SEO

    This is the ultimate SEO tips for Video sites. Thanks for your collection.

  • Benard

    We got a video site and we have landed at right place on this page. thanks dude

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Bernard... ;-)

  • ixod

    Why website video? What about plain old website copy? What about blogs?

    Copy is still copy, and blogs are still blogs... and you will always have those people who prefer to learn and absorb by reading. (At iXod Conversion Marketing, we live by the "old" Content is King adage!)

    However, let's not forget about the vast majority of information-seekers who are just plain lazy. They don't feel like reading, don't feel like scrolling. What they really want is instant gratification for clicking on your web page.

  • manishmaahi

    Excellent site, keep up the good work.

  • cpopenoe

    Awesome collection of tips offering a breadth of information.

  • Software Development

    A very nice collection to ellaborate video optimization

  • Bullaman

    Great list Mark. Video has become such an inportant aspect of SEO, or any online marketing really. We're a big fan of down here. It's a great tool.

    • Mark Robertson

      We like animoto as well... Custom video is sometimes better for those brands that need it but Animoto is certainly an excellent tool for quick, effective, slideshow-type videos

  • Smart Boy

    Thank you for the great list of resources. What I find most interesting is the lack of knowledge on VSEO - and it's viability!

  • Joelchrist

    Excellent post and fabulous tips for video seo. It would be helpful for beginners like me . Thanks for sharing.

  • Paul Nathan

    Again it is the same thing that google detects the PR of pages, I've heard from someone that Google uses a particular algorithm, where database itself records the article that was posted first and if both videos are found same under database listings then post which was posted first gets a higher priority and thus SEO of anything like music,videos or pages works prior to this condition

    Thanks buddy for this post, Waiting for your upcoming post's

  • Amy Rich

    Hey those are very useful tips and a layman's guide to SEO. The tips provided here gives you rare insight as to how increase results with less effort, what i really liked was the video sharing and youtube optimization tips and tools to upload to multiple video sharing websites. Its going to help me great deal in my video searches. thanks a lot for giving such great and useful and maximization tips. keep posting!! :)

  • Yuuko

    Very nice article. I really want to make a Anime Streaming site, but i was worried because i do not know how to do SEO in videos but now i know. Great article thanks.

  • ceasar

    Here another one to remove the annotations form the youtube embedded player

    To disable annotations on a video you'd like to embed on another site,
    just add the following parameter to the video's embed code:



    <object width="425" height="344"</object>

    NOTE: By adding &iv_load_policy=3 to the video's embed code, the
    annotations will be off *by default* in the embedded video, but it is
    still possible for a viewer to turn them on via the menu in the