Some Tips for Selling Online Video Advertising

So you have some video ad space you want to sell to some advertisers? Well here's a quick list of ways to do just that...

Quantity versus Quality - Eyes on video is fine. Fingers on video is immensely better. Advertisers aren't always looking for just a shotgun, most people we can hit in one campaign type deal, no sometimes they need more of a quality approach to show there is more value in the campaign. That's where interactivity comes into play. You've got to show the advertisers that your particular consumers are likely to interact with the video and not just stare blankly at the screen as the ad plays. This also includes the ease of sharing across social networking sites and the like. Your advertisers are going to want to see some tangible results and people simply playing that video ad just isn't going to do it anymore.

Another important factor in selling some video ad space is User Choice. You can't force these ads on people. They simply won't tolerate it for one and for another thing they won't watch them. You need some way for the users to decide if they want to see the ad and maybe even what kind or products they want to see ads for. At the very least a user must be able to stop a video ad from playing at best, choose which ads they will see.

Dropping video smack into the middle of your page and breaking up the flow just isn't cool man. You need to strategically place those video ad units. You also need to make them work with not only the page layout but the other ads on the page as well. It's got to be a totally cohesive site with good flow so the ads don't get in the way of the users finding what they want, etc. Plus the ads have to be compelling. They need to make the viewer want to act on what they see.

The important all-in-one approach. Don't push people out to another website continuous via the video ads. Build interactivity right into the ads. You want them to respond or to do something positive (from a video ad viewpoint) then give them the option interact with the video itself someway, somehow. That will keep them more interested in it and the product. Plus, it could lead to far larger impact and better campaign results on the whole.

We recently talked about video duration and number of exposures. Keep that in mind when you sell ad space to advertisers. Being able to give them the best length and number of exposures will really show them that you know what you're talking about (and that you read ReelSEO on a regular basis). That means you're well informed and not just someone with a website who wants a revenue channel.

Feedback and metrics are key. You might not be able to give them an accurate ROI number but the more information you can give them, the happier they are going to be. The more you track and collate and more they'll believe in your site or ad network.

These aren't all the factors you need to take into account when attempting to sell that video ad space you've got available but it's a pretty good place to start from. As time goes on we'll find out more and more things that advertisers are wanting and be able to compile a far better list but if you need the quick and dirty, you've got it. This won't guarantee you sell that space but it will go a long way in helping you do it.

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  • Stan Weir

    I have seen articles on selling online video advertising. I liked your post very much then i liked that of others. You provided knowledge in detail and gave appropriate example of each and everything.

  • major vary

    Amen! Great article! - VideoArmy

  • Live Actor

    What are your thoughts on the video spokesperson technology as a marketing tool? @liveactor

    • ChristophorRick

      It looks cheesy and expensive. If you need to resort to that sort of thing then I guess you should take the money and invest it in fixing your product and brand first and then thinking about some gimmicky marketing strategy if you've got money left to burn.

      I mean honestly. Taking someone who is not you, in your company or even remotely related and having them pitch your stuff, on your own website!? Sure that might work if they were doing it of their own volition and a supermodel or something, but come on. Like I said, stick that money into something that you know works...don't waste a potential video ad spot and a chunk of change on it. They say it increases conversions? By "educating" your customers and being the 'wow factor'...

      Yes it's video and it's being used to market something so we should be interested. Actually I'd be interested in testing it somehow if they're interested in working with me on that....but just at face value (no pun intended), I think I've made my thoughts clear.