AditAll's Self-Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview

AditAlls Self Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview

I recently interviewed Arthur McKinley, VP of Marketing and Business Development for web-based self-service video creation platform AditAll. AditAll is promoting its video platform as directly suited online publishers and advertisers looking to produce short-form video and video ads quickly and affordably, saving the time and money from shooting custom footage with professional videographers and production houses.

Create a professional-quality video ad right from your web browser in only minutes – that's AditAll's selling point that they hope will appeal enough to advertisers, interactive agencies, Internet publishers, and video marketers looking for a such a video platform solution they can white label for their own clientele.

How it works

AditAlls Self Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview

Aditall's own patented ADmixer Platform is based around several key components:

  1. Content selection – Clients can select content from AdditAll's own library of thousands of video footage, soundracks, and sound effects. Customers can then add their own personalized logos, images, audio narration and text to the video campaign.
  2. Download - Clients then select their preferred file format and resolution for downloading to their desktop. (While AdditAll says that the videos can be high-resolution for television, their focus is on Web video.)
  3. Pricing – AdditAll's "Starter Program" is $149 for a single video ad, which can be used on a limited licensing basis for up to 90 days. (While their videos are not purchasable outright on their retail site, they do permit for renewed licensing.) They also offer a "Monthly Subscription" plan of $495 allowing the client to create up to 5 video ads. (As an important note, AddiitAll is also promoting their program as a white label solution for media partners, so rates and licensing rights for these partners are negotiable.)
  4. Distribution – Many of AditAll's videos currently run on Google Adwords' contextual advertising campaign program. Campaigns can also be run through AditAll. Arthur mentions that in the future, AditAll will be setting up their own 3rd party ad serving system, for increased distribution opportunities..

Selling points

AdditAll's selling points with its video publishing and ad platform are multi-fold: considerably lower pricing and faster turnaround times than professional videographers and production houses, more control over the message, and have the option of working with an ad distribution partner.

"It really comes down to money." Says Arthur. "You can blow your entire budget creating your media. You can easily spend $5,000 – $10,000 to work with an ad agency for a single, short video ad;" or, as Arthur explains, spend that same amount on hiring a videographer and photographer, creating all the footage from scratch, and maybe having to buying your equipment just to create that short video ad. "I think the ultimate objective with a campaign is to get people to see your message, not to spend all the money manufacturing the message.”

Another interesting use of a video adbuilder program like AdItAll, is for creating dynamic storyboards, for what a their client may ultimately want to have shot and edited; or in reverse, for what a marketer or client may want to give their video production agency guidance on how they'd like to have something shot and produced.

And of course, videos can function as stand-alone pieces, easily embeddable on any website, for straight content purposes and not just advertising.

Contest time

As an incentive to get people to try out the program, AditAll is now holding a contest for people to create a 15-second video ad using their web platform, with prize awards up to $1,000. Entry will be accepted up until May 20, 2009, with the winners chosen on May 31, 2009. Visit AditAll's video ad content rules for full information on how to enter.

Will AditAll's do-it-yourself video ad platform be successful?

Right now, it is too early to say.  AditAll is like other technology ad platform vendors trying to create a new market, by providing a technology and service platform that makes it much more accessible and affordable for companies to enter into the online video space which might otherwise wouldn't.  As Arthur says, its does really come down money for a lot of businesses. If the initial spend can be made a lot more feasible than current rates for what goes for custom video production, and you can be creative with a blend of unique image and audio content on top of stock footage, then many more businesses, especially businesses new to video, will be inclined to participate.

But it also comes down to performance. On the production side, AditAll's big limitation is that they don't yet advertise that they can embed custom video from a client as part of some scalable pricing plan; however, do allow for enough other customized content in both image and audio form.  On the marketing side, they can assist newbies to the online video space with setting up a Google Adwords account with a contextual advertising program around video, and more ad partners are being promised for greater distribution. On the minus side, they haven't announced any partners yet in the IYP industry or other popular, locally-targeted web directories, which is a huge market for businesses as well.

I believe it will take some finessing and testing, as well as case studies for what is still an very new market.  AditAll deserves credit for understanding the needs of this market and their own attempt at an inclusive solution  – a video platform that balances ease-of-creation and hefty resources with "professional quality," flexibility with stock footage and custom footage, ease-of-creation, and affordable pricing. Add all of those things together, and you might have a new revenue-generating solution with video that never existed for businesses before.

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    with online video there are technical - content - and creative issues - in that order
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    producers like to protect their art - and often try to push the technical limitations of weak connections - and end up with video that looks slightly better IF it plays - but a 20% improvement enjoyed by some is not worth the 100% failure experienced by others

    i have seen numerous connection speed solutions --- including encoding at 5 speeds - but have found that works best for me is to do everything low-speed - sometimes with a hi-speed version - or even a download available ----

    like driving - the speed limit is way too slow for some - but it stil has to be obeyed

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