Build Your Own Brand - Seesmic Founder Loic Le Meur Offers 30-Part Video Series

Build Your Own Brand   Seesmic Founder Loic Le Meur Offers 30 Part Video Series

Loic Le Meur has had a pretty successful career as an Internet entrepreneur.  He was part of Ublog, which was bought by Six Apart, and he became the Vice President of Six Apart shortly thereafter.  Most recently, he founded and continues to run Seesmic. So when he decides to talk about educating people on building their online brand, it's probably best to listen. His experience and unique perspective give him insight into online branding that you and I can only dream of.  He has started several companies and succeeded with most of them.

I'm especially pleased that Le Meur has decided to choose video as his content delivery method of choice for his new endeavor, "Build Your Own Brand.”  It's planned as a 30-part series, which means it's going to be detailed and intensive.  You'll be able to catch all the parts in the series over at his YouTube channel.

Le Meur says:

"One of our goals at Seesmic is to help people build their brands online. I'm very excited to have recently released a project to help anyone that wants to successfully build their brand online. After participating in so many conferences, keynotes & events - and talking with many friends, brand managers & consumer brands, I wanted to offer a structured series of high quality videos of all the notes, conversations and answers to so many great questions that I've collected over the years. And I want to share with you everything I've learned.”

He's planning to release one video a day, which will wrap this series up in about a month.  And they're in little, bite-sized increments of 2-3 minutes each.  Here's the first video, the introduction to the series:

Notice how he talks about the importance of being "share-able," and then goes right into how photos and videos are some of the best ways to achieve that goal.

Aside from this being a pretty fantastic series from a known Internet success, filled with good tips and excellent advice, it's also an example of video done right.  For instance, there are subtitles… captions to let you know what Le Meur is saying.  That's because his French accent can be tough, at times, to comprehend—but it's overall pretty easy to follow him.  Of course, as we've discussed  here at ReelSEO and as I'm sure Le Meur is aware, the captioning probably helps with the overall search relevance of the video.  There's even a smart overlay link near the end, at the bottom right of the screen, that suggests you click to view the next video in the series.

There's a lot to learn from Le Meur's new 30-part series, in terms of how important video content is as well as reminders on some of the little basics we sometimes forget (like the captions and links).  But of course, the best news is that, after stripping away all the ReelSEO "nuggets of video learning," we're still left with a fantastic resource for growing our brands online.  Most of us have clients that could benefit from the advice he's giving—and, if we're honest, we probably could too.

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