Seero Launches Live, On-Location Video Platform

Seero is clearly going for something unique. With a growing number of live video sites hitting the market recently, Seero differentiates itself by fusing video broadcasting with GPS mapping.

The 'live and on-location' video platform officially opened its doors to all users on Wednesday at the SF New Tech Meetup in San Francisco amidst the demos of several other web video companies. David Rothschild, one of the company's founders and Chief Creative Officer, framed Seero's unique approach: "One mindset recently has been to recreate television online. We don't think that is the right route because the internet has so much more to offer than TV and can create a richer experience by utilizing integral content like location."

Seero clearly makes location a centerpiece of the site: from the geo-navigational homepage map to surf broadcasters around the world to the real-time GPS tracking that allows a viewer to follow exactly where a live broadcaster is moving. Seero further integrates location by allowing its content to be shared, promoted, and indexed through Keyhole Markup Language, which is the scripting language of Google Maps and Earth. Even the advertising is fused to location. Justin Cutillo, a Seero founder and CEO, described the model, "We serve advertising based on where a broadcaster is on-location or where a video takes place. Our goal is to use advertising and pertinent local information to enhance a broadcaster experience, rather than be an annoying distraction."

Seero's unique approach comes at a timely juncture as GPS and video capabilities are both becoming standard in mobile devices. "The combination of these two forms of content opens the doors to a number of on-the-move applications such as citizen journalism, real-estate showing, band road tours, or outdoor trail-tracking. Basically every time we show Seero to someone they invent a new application for it," describes Justin. This is the inspiration for the Seero 'Geo-Broadcasting' contest, which kicks off with the site's launch today.

The premise is simple: Seero is looking for people around the world to showcase unique destinations and events. The best geo-broadcaster will win a 7 day vacation stay at one of 4000 resorts worldwide, courtesy of RCI timeshare exchange.

List of major features:

  • Broadcast live video and archive it for on-demand playback.
  • Track GPS position in real-time and archive a course for playback with video.
  • Explore the world and discover video through an innovative geo-navigational interface.
  • Geo-tag your video clips to showcase the destinations where they take place.
  • Experience location specific factoids and feeds with a video broadcast.
  • Create custom play lists for your broadcaster profile.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar & Twitter for updating and cultivating a fan base.
  • Integrate with Google Maps and Earth for promoting, sharing, and indexing content.

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