New Geo-Broadcasting Video Platform Launches

New Geo Broadcasting Video Platform Launches

A few weeks back, we wrote a post (Live Mobile Video Streaming Meets Local GPS Mapping) about a great new startup called Seero. is a "geo-broadcasting" platform that combines live streaming video with real-time GPS tracking and local content via data feeds. Seero's goal is to promote exploration and geographical awareness through online video sharing and live webcasting.

Justin Cutillo, founder and CEO of notified me that as of late last night, they have officially launched the site to the public. They made the announcement Wednesday evening at the New Tech Event in San Francisco.

They have released several enhanced features as part of this public launch:

For instance, when users navigate to a broadcaster's profile that is not currently streaming video live, they will be presented with a playlist of the broadcaster's previous webcasts. So, they added playlist management features so that broadcasters can now choose which videos they would like to display to users when they are not broadcasting live. As a default, the system will display 3 more recent videos will be displayed in the playlist. When the users chooses, they can also access the video menu and choose to view a certain video of their choice.

They have also added marker functionality on the map to designate the location of the geobit/geo-advertisement icon when it is off the screen. In fact, the CTO of Seero, Dan Rummel recently authored an article on the Google Map API blog about this functionality and their "MarkerTracker" utility. You can read the article here.

We also integrated with the twitter API so that broadcasters will have an easier time letting their audience know when they go live. As far as future features are concerned, we are currently in talks with

As for future developments for the company, Justin declined to state. However, I think it is safe to say that mobile will play a large part of Seero.

Take a look at Seero. They have removed the private beta page and registration is now open to the public. Once you register and login to Seero, you can chat, vote, flag, and broadcast on your own. Let us know what you think. I am very excited about the future of this company as I find incredible implications for local search.

New Geo Broadcasting Video Platform Launches

Here is a link to their press release going out today.

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