Searchles – Support for Embeded Videos From Other Video Sites

Searchles   Support for Embeded Videos From Other Video Sites

Social media site gives nod to alternative video content providers in response to web-users' calls of 'YouTube ain't all that'

Searchles - the intelligent social search platform that gets smarter every time you use it – has expanded the range of its video indexing capabilities to display embeds from popular video sites Metacafe, Liveleak, Veoh, and CollegeHumor. Users have also been granted the unique ability to easily mash-up their favorite videos from Metacafe, Liveleak, and CollegeHumor, in addition to those video sites already indexed, into a Searchles TV channel — a feature that allows users to stream their favorite videos from these multiple sources back-to-back in a single player. The recent video upgrades are a part of Searchles' ongoing efforts to provide users with a single media platform that offers broader creative options and more user-controls in managing posted video content from multiple sources, while also taking advantage of the social video search influenced by a user's community of groups and friends.

"We recognized the growing popularity with web users of these video sites that are full of great content. Given the almighty law of user-demand, it was only logical to offer the means to index them to our site and enable users to add them to their Searchles TV channels," said Chris Seline, CTO of Searchles. "YouTube and Google Video are clearly still the big players in video content, but it is important to let our users take advantage of the ever-expanding competition as well — particularly if we are striving to offer our users the best social video search spanning all available popular video sources on the web. That being said, we'll continue to keep an eye out for other video sites that emerge onto the playing field going forward."

Videos added from these four sites to Searchles will further diversify the pool of content in a Searchles video library that already indexes from YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, and Users now have the option to index and search through videos from these multiple content providers that generally only offer an internal search. With Searchles video search, relevancy is also enhanced by analyzing several user-generated features: rating the videos, assigning relevant tag words, associating videos with common interest groups, and adding videos to a Searchles TV Channel. More importantly, with the ability to add these videos to Searchles TV channels, it is no longer necessary to jump between sites in order to view online video from these different sources. Videos compiled from these seven sites can be viewed sequentially through one viewer and the channel is easily embedded into any blog or MySpace profile — offering users more creative flexibility than ever in cataloguing and sharing video content on the web.

The recent technical expansion on Searchles helps to build stronger connections between web-users and their relevant online videos as available video content on the web grows to astronomical proportions. As heaps of quality, user-selected videos are posted to Searchles daily, users are able to combine the benefits an extensive video library indexed from multiple sites with the social search features that set Searchles' video search apart from the crowded online video community.

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