The following list is of 5 video sharing sites that focus on the scientific community.

At these sites, you can watch experiments that have been recorded as well as other information for biology, physics, chemistry, genetics, etc....

Please let us know if you know of others out there by commenting below. Thank you.

5 Science Related Video Websites jove


Journal of Visualized Experiments Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is an online video-publication for biological research.

5 Science Related Video Websites labaction


LabAction focuses on providing the latest videos/movies/information on human genetics, science experiments, science projects, biotechnology, current biology news and much more.

5 Science Related Video Websites dnatube


DnaTube is a non-profit video site which is aiming to be a visual scientific resource for its visitors making scientific concepts easily understandable through video and video sharing.

5 Science Related Video Websites bioalive logo


Free to upload and watch videos in all life science fields such as biology, neuroscience, histology, pathology, immunology, laboratory method, technique, procedure and more.

5 Science Related Video Websites logo


Video sharing website for video clips about science experiments and processes. SciVee recently announced a new, updated look and added features for their science video search engine.

According to an article yesterday by AP, creator Phil Bourne launched SciVee as a niche alternative to YouTube, so as to improve the categorization and focus of the videos for the scientific community.