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ScanScout   Viral Distribution of Video AdvertisingScanScout, the leading network for brand-safe, relevant online video advertising, and Clearspring Technologies, the market leader in widget creation, syndication, tracking and monetization today announced a partnership that will enable simple viral distribution of video ads from the ScanScout Network into more than 25 leading social media platforms.

Marketers looking for the most value from their digital campaigns are increasingly making widgets part of their overall strategy. According to comScore, nearly 148 million people in the US – 81 percent of Internet users – viewed widgets in Nov 2007. As this percentage continues to increase, widget proliferation creates more opportunities for marketers who want to enhance and extend the value of their campaigns.

Working together, Clearspring and ScanScout enable advertisers to take advantage of the many benefits of viral widgets, enhancing the distribution of their brand and message to a broader audience and augmenting the paid distribution of the original ad buy. Clearspring's comprehensive tracking will enable ScanScout to provide advertisers with intelligence about the distribution of and engagement with their widgets across more than 25 sites, including MySpace, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and others.

"This partnership adds tremendous value to advertisers working with ScanScout," said Hooman Radfar, co-founder and chief executive officer of Clearspring. "It enables easy, viral distribution of ads that consumers appreciate enough to share with their friends. Large numbers of online users are sharing content – including video ads - through the use of our widget network. Our partnership enables ScanScout to provide advertisers an automated way to essentially "widgetize" their video ads bringing broader reach and interest to their message.”Clearspring's widget distribution service is used by the world's largest media companies and brand advertisers. It is a scalable, reliable service, with servers geographically distributed to support the world's most successful campaigns.

ScanScout is the leading in-stream video network on the web, having served more than a billion ad impressions and worked with leading brands and publishers with great results.

"Clearspring is a market leader in widget syndication and a strategic partner for ScanScout," said Waikit Lau, ScanScout's co-founder and chief executive officer. ”This relationship gives our advertisers' audience the chance to further engage with their brand messages and amplify them across the most popular social media sites on the web. Marketers are looking for the user-initiated engagement provided by viral programs as they design their campaigns, and our association with Clearspring enables ScanScout to provide this opportunity to our growing roster of national brand advertisers.”

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