It seems like only a few weeks ago Blogworld Las Vegas was going on, and I was home with pneumonia instead of hanging with new media people at the after parties. But in truth, that was more than five months ago. So it should come as no surprise that Blogworld & New Media Conference is back. And in 2011, Blogworld is moving to New York (in May) and Los Angeles (in November).

What began as a conference and expo to celebrate blogs and the art of blogging has evolved naturally over the last several years into one of the premier new-media events in the U.S.  The tagline on the flyer says it is "the place to learn from leading new media innovators and content creators." Blogworld is now about all forms of digital media--podcasts. video, social media, in addition to still being very much about blogs. It's this ability to grow and adapt with the industry that keeps Blogworld relevant and keeps us coming back as a Media Partner every year as well.

The Details

Blogworld New York is in late May. The Conference portion runs from May 24-26, and the Expo is from May 25-26, and both take place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Here's a video preview they made to promote the event:

The event is jam-packed with sessions, special speakers, and more content than any one person can soak in. You can check out their interactive schedule for the full details, but some of the highlights include:

  • 365 Days To A Household Name: Leveraging Conversation Wherever It Happens - Tuesday, May 24, 9:00AM
  • How To Grow Your Blog Now Via Social Media - Tuesday, May 24, 2:30PM
  • How To Use Humor To Stand Out In Any Niche - Wednesday, May 25, 9:00AM
  • Building A Successful Online Community - Wednesday, May 25, 10:30AM
  • Tapping Technology To Build A Digital Enterprise - Thursday, May 26, 9:00AM

As usual, there's an excellent lineup of speakers and presenters, including:

  • Jonathan Fields - Entrepreneur & Blogger,
  • Lara Kulpa - Community Manager at
  • Phil Hollows - Founder & CEO of FeedBlitz
  • Jennifer James - Founder of
  • John Chow - Owner of, blogging rock star

And everyone knows that conferences like this are just as much about the parties at night as they are the sessions by day. Because the event is still about two months away, we don't quite have all the party and special event information just yet, but that will be coming soon. And if it's anything like past Blogworld events, you can be sure they'll be pretty awesome.

Save Money On Blogworld!

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And, since Blogworld is still inside their "discount pricing" window, you save even more--the discount pricing window closes on April 14th, so you've only got one week left to capitalize on the maximum savings. Check out the pricing or register over at the Blogworld site.

Make sure you let us know if you're going to be there so we can keep an eye out for you!