Roku Puts the Kibosh on VideoBuzz for Streaming YouTube

Roku Puts the Kibosh on VideoBuzz for Streaming YouTube

Pretty much everyone I know who owns a Roku box, especially the Roku 3, has raved about it.  It has 750 channels, including Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO GO, VEVO, Amazon Instant Video, Disney, Crackle, and just a ton more.  But wait...oh yeah, no YouTube.  One of the channels available through Roku is VideoBuzz...well, at least, until tomorrow (April 17).  The reason is that Videobuzz streamed YouTube content and they didn't "own" the content, so Roku gave them a shut down notice.  VideoBuzz, being an unsupported private channel, basically has to look for alternatives to stay afloat now.

Roku Shuts Out VideoBuzz

Roku has had troubles with YouTube for awhile, because of a lot of things that merely have received unconfirmed speculation from the experts.  Roku had stated it's because of YouTube's insistence on using HTML5, and YouTube doesn't want to create a channel specifically for Roku.  Also, something about trying to keep YouTube "scarce" so that people will want to buy the unpopular Google TV, which doesn't make much sense really since YouTube is practically everywhere and on every device.  So that leaves the "shady" ways of getting it on your screen through the device.  CNet has a method that works here.

But for VideoBuzz, this is what they had to say on their Facebook page when informed of the shutdown:

We received a notice from Roku management asking us to close down the channel as we don't own the content which is being streamed by VideoBuzz channel. As of now, we will be closing down the channel on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013.

They're apparently searching for alternatives.  But until then, you've got the tricks if you want them.

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  • Steffen Jobbs

    How sad. VideoBuzz was a wonderful channel for Roku. I'm not blaming Roku because I'm sure they'd get a YouTube channel if they could. Now I'll have to access YouTube on the Roku using PLEX. I guess I'd better get to setting up my 2012 Mac Mini as a media center.