Somehow, MTV believes there aren't enough viral video clip shows on television. Joining Web Soup and Tosh.0 is Ridiculousness, hosted by Rob Dyrdek of the network's Fantasy Factory. It premiered this Monday night. Already, it looks like some Wikipedia prankster has "mistakenly" referred to Dyrdek's show as Web Soup, the hyperlink of which leads to Tosh.0's page.

Let's face it, Ridiculousness is the epitome of Homer Simpson's soliloquy in the episode called The Springfield Connection: These are the people who saw an overcrowded market, and said, "Me, too!"

MTV Viral Video Show Ridiculousness Is A Poor Imitation Of Tosh.0 & Web Soup ridiculousness

So far, it looks like this show has a lot of MTV in it, and that's not a good thing. Dyrdek frequently asks for the video to "Stop right here!" and then over-dramatically gyrate and make incredibly obvious comments in a disbelieving manner. He's got two semi co-hosts who just kind of sit around and make even more insipid comments, or look like they don't want to be there. For the next episode, we get guest co-host Johnny Knoxville, who looks like he'd much rather be writhing in pain in a Jackass stunt than be on the show.

It's also pretty funny listen to Dyrdek try to explain that his show is inspired by America's Funniest Home Videos, but how he can't watch it anymore because there's too much "corniness" and "nonsense." Then he explains how his show is different from Tosh because in Ridiculousness, "the videos are the stars," and Tosh relies too heavily on skits, while this show is somehow a nonstop hit list of videos with no extraneous filler whatsoever. I don't know how he made it through this interview with a straight face, considering how much misinformation is said at once.

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Here's the official trailer for the show, to give you an idea of what it's like:

I'd like to know, does anyone believe Dyrdek's new show fills some void left behind by all the other programs that discuss viral videos?

  • Doug Markwith

    I watch both shows but actually prefer Ridiculousness better. Tosh.0 has too many unfunny skits and gross-out videos. Plus, Tosh just seems like a smug asshole.

  • Renzo

    Rob Dyrdek obviously believes anyone can copy Daniel Tosh and his show. Rob Dyrdek just kills the whole experience of watching those video clips because he completely overreacts to them. Not only that, he just gets the same videos as Daniel Tosh, but he shows them months later (as if people would forget they saw them in Tosh.0). Rob Dyrdek is ludicrous for believing he could compete with him.

  • AugustineThomas

    The quality of that show is higher than the quality of this article.. How can we accept your criticism if you can't even write a decent article?

  • TristaWhite

    Tosh uses very rude, and distasteful humor, that I don't particularly care for. Rob doesn't really seem to cut down, or talk bad about anyone. I just like who Rob is as a person, and have a lot more respect for someone, who doesn't disrespect others in order to get laughs, like Tosh, (which is totally cheap, and easy). To me their shows are not very similar at all, accept for the viral videos.

    • mary99

       I AGREE!

  • mary99

     I AGREE!

  • TristaWhite

    Tosh uses very rude, and distasteful humor, that I don't particularly care for. Rob doesn't really seem to cut down, or talk bad about anyone. I just like who Rob is as a person, and have a lot more respect for someone, who doesn't disrespect others in order to get laughs, like Tosh, (which is totally cheap, and easy). To me their shows are not very similar at all, accept for the viral videos.

  • Brandon

    Ridiculousness SUCKS!!¡!It's. like a dog that got hit by large truck.Just put it out it's misery.

  • Matt

    This show literally makes me cringe when I watch it. It looks like Rob Dyrdek and two of his friends just went on stage with absolutely no preparation at all, watched some old and overused internet videos, and state what is happening in them with little to no comedic effort. It's just not funny. I know a lot of people who are naturally funny or situationally funny, such as Rob Dyrdek. That does NOT mean that they will be funny standing on stage in front of an audience. It takes a certain type of person to do that and Rob Dyrdek simply is not that type of person. And by the way, get that girl Chanel off the stage immediately because even if the show was good, I wouldn't watch it because of her laugh. Quite possibly the most annoying sounds ever made by a human being.

  • DTS

    Toeveryone saying he is a very giving person, I doubt anyone here denies that fact, but that is 100% beside the point of what is going on, people are here commenting on this show not his life. Don't get me wrong I've heard all about Rob and he is a very giving man, but in the case of his show he is very untalented comedic wise and the show pails in comparison to Tosh.O because of it.

  • taylor thomas

    and the cohosts- one is on fantasy factory and the other is his friend and they dont look like they dont want to be there either they are laughing and makin funny comments the whole time

  • taylor thomas

    leave rob alone jerks he has opened many skate parks for kids and has done many other charitable things to communities and i love this show it doesnt have gay stuff like on tosh.o where there is at least 3 gay comments and or clips that are gay everytime. rob has raised over half a million dollars on underpriveleged kids and he is part of sk8 for life which raised over 550,000 for underpriveleged kids so he is a really nice person and yes he is very funny so everyone can just shut up

  • Joe

    I wish that Rob would just once make a comment on one of these videos that wasn't completely obvious to any 7 year old watching the show. It doesn't help that his 2 co-hosts sit there laughing like morons, and make even more "ridiculous" comments than he can come up with. For Rob's sake I hope that it is just poor writing and not his own Genius at work.

  • Girl

    I can't believe no one likes this show! I think Rob is very funny! Yeah he's a skateboarder but he's just naturally funny. Tosh.0 seems like its trying to hard to be funny with all the skits and stuff. Yeah, Chanel is kinda worthless but its not a "boring" show. Besides, the show is targeted towards teenagers anyways so its funny for us.

  • Nicro

    Rob is a professional skateboarder. Daniel Tosh is a professional comedian. No need to beat a dead horse you may prefer one over the other, but in terms of comedy it's obvious who's the better host of this "comedy clip show"

  • Eva

    I HATE this show!!!!!!!1

  • AngelandJeremy Tucker

    I just saw an episode of this. I like it cuz it shows lots of crazy videos and like someone else says it doesn't have retarded skits. I didn't really pay attention to the hosts but I did notice tht chanel doesn't seem too bright... lol. but then again ive never seen most videos they showed cuz I'm usually 2 busy 2 watch tv.

    • Michael DeWitt

      As well as too busy to spell 'to' out. It's only two letters.

    • Stash Millionz

      shes fun she doesnt have to be bright

  • Will Markey

    The blonde chick has the most annoying laugh.

    • Xuan Tiet


    • Stash Millionz

      The only thing lamer then not liking an awesome chick like that is reading about a show review and actually googling it when you don't like it. Get a life.

    • Will Markey

      When did I imply I didn't like the show? And when did I google it?

    • Connie Tran

      I don't like that blond girl! Why is she on the show if all she does is having those annoying laugh and sit her boring ass there?

  • Amanda

    I was very intrigued to see Ridiculousness because Rob on Fantasy Factory is hilarious with all the stunts he pulls. But in this show all I see is a cheap rip off of Tosh. All the videos used I saw years ago on Tosh. Unfortunate. This is where Tosh can say "Im better than you, nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo."

  • Andra Noreen Garrett

    I HATE tosh/SUCKS.WHATEVER the tone in his voice crawls down my spine and it HURTS.... I enjoy seeing ROBs reactionS to the stuff that people do...SSSSOOO FO toshLOVERS.NOT DYDERK you the bomb.COM.... just sayN. hhehheheheh

    • Joseph Avalos

      Well, your opinion doesn't matter since your level of intelligence is reflected by the way you type.

  • nick

    why does everyone have to hate he has gave more to the world then alot of people he is an insperation to everyone is there really a problem with him wanting to try something new if u dont like it dont watch it just move on to something else there is no reason to look down on someone honestly i think its gonna be great like other people think Tosh.0 is kinda gay just saying

  • Justin R. Gibson

    In defense of Rob Dyrdek, I laugh non-stop when I watch him on Fantasy Factory. But this show is bland. Tosh.0 is easily superior.

    • Stash Millionz

      tosh says offal shyt just to get attention, it's called morally selling out

      • you dumb.

        OMG you managed to spell "morally" correct and totally f*cked "awful" ...what is happening in our schools

  • Manny Garcia

    Bottom line is Tosh.0 is funny. Ridiculousness is not.

  • Carolyn Mobley

    It sucks. the blonde girl is a lump on a unfunny one at that..NO personaltiy and too shy to spea up.

    • Stash Millionz

      Shes shy because shes not a trashy motor mouth. She can also rap. Hate on someone with less talent then you next time...

    • Brandi Parimon


  • Bryant Byrd

    the reasons why this show is NOT funny and NOT going to last long is the fact that he shows the same redundant clips and stunts that are on the jackass shows and movies so it's pointless to watch the same crap I have already seen before.....and the main thing that ruins this show for me is the fact that he laughs hysterically the whole time as if he is sitting at home watching the clips with his friends and not to mention everything he says he is basically just stating the obvious....rule number one of being a good comedian is to NEVER laugh at your own jokes it ruins the delivery! if you notice daniel tosh never laughs at his own jokes like that..... he might crack a smile or sort of giggle but he never rolls on the floor laughing and if you notice clearly tosh's joke come across a lot funnier....but in conclusion robs other shows were good for what they were but whatever made him think that he could put this crappy wannabe tosh.o imposter show on the air is definitely beyond me...he should be dragged out in the middle of the street and shot then have his balls stomped on by a horse wearing stiletto heels for thinking he could try to copy tosh would be a good idea!

  • Noah Starks

    Sorry Dydrek or watever, I watched 2 episode's of your show and never laughed. The things that make it suck is 1. you're just...not funny.. 2. that annoying laugh that white girl has 3. it feels freakin dead. you put o effort into your jokes its just Video clip-random jke. With tosh, its more organized. And anyone else see that new episode of Tosh.0 where he references this show? if not, see it. Tosh OWNED Dyrdek. MTV you suck for this, and lets just bet how many seasons Ripoffness will make.

    • Stephanie Snyder

      which episode is this? ive been looking everywhere for tosh's thoughts on rob drydecks new show!

    • Noah Starks

      Stephanie Snyder the newest one, like the college one

  • Wes Gill

    Seriously this show sucks. Period.

    • Stash Millionz

      great someone else reading reviews on shows they don't even like. Now thats lame.

      • you dumb.

        and someone picking out all the negative reviews and saying the same shit to them. I have half a mind to respond to all your posts by correcting your grammar.

  • Kenneth Nance

    Rob Dyrdek is like a cross between Tosh and Vanilla Ice without the talent of either. Token, I mean Steelo, has no personality at all and Chanel West is an unattractive Jessica Simpson with brain damage. All this lack of talent wrapped around a catch phrase that will never catch on, "Ok, bring it back." Truly a show without value.

  • Ted McGovern

    Rob Dyrdek is an excellent skateboarder. It ends there.

  • Skylar Brodersen

    It could be funny if rob didn't constantly spew the lamest jokes ever. I might have laughed at a couple of them if I was six.

  • lapis

    if no other web clip shows existed this would still be a terrible show. Rob Dyrdek just isnt funny and has an adolescent personality. The only way a show like this works is with a good host. It also doesnt help that they are basically reusing all the vids Tosh has already used, almost like theyer doing it on purpose. "Tosh.0 is funny lets use all the same clips he does and our show will be funny too" The co-hosts on the show are pointless and having a guest is just dumb.

  • Amanda Clark

    I gave this show a chance, but gag me with a stick twice! This is terrible! What a TERRIBLE reenactment of a good show, and I am usually not harsh. Good luck if you TRY to watch this!

  • Ian Thomson

    tosh.0 is way better. this show sucks. rob used to be cool. end of story.

    • Stash Millionz

      well just go suck toshes attention mongering dick then

    • Ian Thomson

      grow up for real lol

    • Kane Walters

      Stash why don't you go suck off rob! You already practically are by commenting on everybody else's shir! Get a life douche!

  • Kayla Kecskes

    so what? get over it rob dyrdek. get over it ttosh, or whatever you're actual name is. it's television! it's not going to change, whether he stole the idea from tosh or came up with the idea of another tv show, all they want is one thing, they're not going to give a damn about what viewers say.

  • Carl Smith

    Actually I really liked it compared to AFV and Tosh.0. It's less family oriented than AFV, and it doesn't have all the gay bullshit that takes up most of Tosh.0. And by gay, I mean either stupid and annoying(web redemption), or literally gay (The "low" v neck shirts and multiple skits, ex: The one where they have sex with an inflatable killer whale)

  • Jacob Holmes

    I love how they didn't mention that Chanel West Coast looks and sounds like she lacks a brain all the time.

    • Stash Millionz

      shes hot? stop being gay. What you want her to do math problems?

  • Caleb Harris

    I liked the fan page only to bitch out everyone on there, sigh, the life of a troll.

  • Dave

    Yeah just another shitty web. The only good show to involve anything to do with internet vids is Tosh.0 Web soup sucks and so does this show.

    Oh and funny thing is, Viacom owns both MTV and Comedy Central, why they made a similar show for MTV is beyond me.

  • Tyler Preston Gregoire

    mtv just got all the skater fags to go back to mtv because they were losing ratings to tosh.o.

  • Quinn Casey

    A terrible rip-off of the best show on TV, Tosh.0. Nice try MTV.

  • Judith Sarkodee-Adoo

    Ridiculousness is garbage...Why would they show a montage of all the videos worth watching before the show even starts? Then we are left only to see dyrdek's slow and incredibly not funny (who told him he was a comedian?) commentary as we re-view the videos. Learn from Tosh.0 and recognize the importance of true shock value. Honestly every time a video is interrupted by dyrdek's voice or a camera glimpse of his pointless and random sidekicks I roll my eyes and just wish that they'd just stick to the audio of the video clips.

  • Frankie Washburn

    DISLIKE! Ridiculousness is NOTHING like what this article says! Ridiculousness is WAY better than Tosh. Check out the DIFFERENCE in the shows!

    • Patrick Ashton

      whoever wrote this is a COMPLETE IDIOT!!!! Ridiculousness is FREAKIN HILLARIUOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They shouldnt be hatin on Rob. He's awesome

    • Michael Adkins


    • Josh Chadwick

      So Rob says it's different because he isn't scripted? Because he has useless friends to watch it with? I don't care who pitched the idea first, fact is Tosh.0 did the viral videos before them so they are going to be compared to each other and Rob simply doesn't match up.

    • Truman Fleming

      Patrick Ashton ur an idiot for liking this show. and rob is the most retarded person they coulda chose to host this. be honest... u just like this show cus ur a skater and ur love for rob is conflicting with ur judgement.

  • Don Snook

    Terrible show. Used a lot of the same videos from Tosh and even stole Guess what happens next. The two clowns with made up names (Sterling Brim?) add zero value.

    • Joseph Avalos

      Tim Tunechi Yeah, but Tosh made it FUNNY. Dyrdek makes funny into an abomination.

  • Mark Robertson

    dumb indeed - but just more evidence that we're writing about what's clearly hot - web video :-)

  • Mike Hester

    I think you have to have a frontman like Tosh to sell this format. And this host doesn't look all that great.

    • Jeremy Scott

      You're right. The host has to strike the right tone, and most don't. Joel McHale on The Soup does a good job--better than the Web Soup guy, in my opinion.

  • Tim Schmoyer

    It's awesome that MTV is now the Ray William Johnson wannabe. :)