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Revver WordPress Plugin   Video Blogging With Wordpress Create a Video Blog (Vlog) for Free and monetize it with the new Revver Plugin. The revver plugin gives you all you need to create a personal video sharing site.

Installing this plugin will give you a full featured video blog on wordpress which integrates the account that you have on Revver with your WordPress blog account. It also allows you to manage all aspects of your Revver videos without ever leaving your blog's admin interface.

What are some good unique features with Revver?

  • Superior rendering software capabilities for more quality videos when compared to YouTube or Google Video.
  • There are no limitations to the size or length of video that you can post on Revver.
  • All videos are manually reviewed to ensure that they are unique videos only.
  • Revver offers a revenue share for the post-roll ads that are displayed at the end of your video, if they are clicked on.


  • Publish, manage, and track your video content all without ever leaving your own website
  • Allow your subscribers to your vlog to submit their own video responses to your posts
  • You can upload and add videos directly from your WordPress admin interface.
  • You can edit every aspect of your video and update information. Full management of your existing videos within WordPress.
  • Full revenue reporting and messaging from Revver account imported into your WordPress admin panel and easily accessible.
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Here is a video demo all about this new plugin:

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