Research - Convergence of Online Video + TV

Research   Convergence of Online Video + TVOne of our predictions for online video in 2008 discussed briefly the convergence that will likely begin to happen between online video and television. We have already seen several announcements from companies working on such solutions, from Comcast to netflix.

Today, a new research report from EMarketer demonstrates that this convergence between television and the Internet is starting soon.

Research   Convergence of Online Video + TV

The report addresses the following questions:

  • Is the convergence of TV and the Internet a reality?
  • Why do most people prefer professional-quality video more than user-generated?
  • Are today's top video sites the best places for TV-style video content?
  • When will the online video audience demographic match the overall Internet?
  • How soon will the online video audience reach critical mass?

From Emarketer:

"The most popular online video content, watched by 40% or more of the US online video audience, are short pieces of five minutes or less: news clips, jokes, movie trailers, music videos, clips from TV shows and entertainment news.

As technology problems are solved, however, making the computer-television connection more viable and pleasurable for the average consumer, online video content will expand in both length and breadth, and professionally-produced material will account for a large part of the menu.”

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