Online Reputation Management Tips Using Web Video and SEO

Are you paying attention to the videos circulating about your company or brand over the Web, and what impact they're having on your business? Even more important, what are you doing to counter negative publicity and generate positive feedback? You may have read out post previously regarding the power of utilizing online video and video syndication for reputation management.

Today, ReelSEO's Grant Crowell shares his tips for using web video and SEO to successfully monitor and manage your company, brand, or personal reputation online.

Hear Grant's audio on reputation management with video and seo, or read the full article for the show's table of contents

Table of contents for audio file: Reputation Management Tips with Video SEO

  • Why its important to manage your reputation online
  • Why web video deserves special consideration with reputation management
  • Bad reputation management business examples: Kryptonite Lock, KFC
  • Bad reputation management – public figure examples.
  • Tips: Preparation, Production, and Promotion of online video for reputation management

Special! YouTube tip for video reputation management

YouTube can be the single best way for you to monitor your video reputation. Here's a straightforward way how to monitor most of the video out on the web with automated updates delivered directly to you.

First, have a keyword plan. Build a keyword list of your company, brands, and notable individuals representing your company.

Next, go to YouTube and type in each of these keywords or keyword phrases. You will see a list of most popular related keywords from the YouTube search box automatically appear, in order of descending popularity. Check these out as well to see what videos are appearing, and determine which of them are additional keywords you need to target as well.

Next, create your feeds. Here is YouTube's information on how to subscribe to their feeds:
  • Tags : For example, if you wanted to create an RSS feed for the tag "monkey," you would enter: feed://
  • Users: feed://[insert username here]/videos.rss
    • For example, if you wanted to create an RSS feed for the user "YouTube," you would enter: feed://

And finally, add each of these URLs to your newsreader. (But be aware that you will need to create a feed for each individual tag or user you wish to subscribe to.)

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