A couple of weeks ago we told you that YouTube was switching everyone to the new YouTube One Channel format on June 5.  Well, that's tomorrow.  Those who haven't made the switch have no choice in a matter of hours from now.  For those of you not familiar with all the features of the new design, this is the page you want to take a look at.  Features of the new design include having a design that looks the same across all devices, creating an "unsubscribed" trailer that introduces you to future fans, creating specific playlists, and an associated channels connection that lets users link to your related channels.

June 5 Is Tomorrow: Start Learning the New Design

For those of you not familiar with it, here's an example from Mystery Guitar Man:

Reminder: Your YouTube One Channel Is Coming Tomorrow mystery guitar man one channel 606x346

The banner at the top is what you'll see on all devices.  The trailer is the first thing you see when you come to his channel, and underneath (not pictured) are all of his various playlists.

  • John Hertz

    grab some free templates for the youtube one channel at this site - http://youtubeonechannel.blogspot.com/

  • Nadim Knape

    Nice article! I first was a little bit sceptical about the forced migration. Now I think there are more options. For my personal channel is was not a great thing. After some research I now can see the branding possibilities for my company. You can add a custom tab and it makes it possible to create a mini website with video and more, within your YouTube brand channel. Clipster for YouTube is a product that
    does this. I believe Wildfire also has an option for that. Too bad it is
    not for free.