ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 27, 2010 – The Cyberius Black Edition

ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 27, 2010   The Cyberius Black Edition

It was a short week, you probably all stuffed yourselves with turkey and trimmings, gave thanks for a day off and girded yourselves to venture forth into the masses and fight for your right to buy Christmas gifts. Black Friday rolled past and Cyber Monday is powering up in North America, yet here in Europe, we just had a normal week, albeit slightly quieter.

ReelSEO of course continued on with business as usual and so here I am once again to give you the low down on the hot news here and abroad. The title? Oh, I expect it'll be a massive weekend for Harry Potter as well as shopping, so Black Friday + Cyber Monday + Harry Potter (Sirius Black) = The Cyberius Black Edition. Let's roll!

Most Read at ReelSEO

Nathan Evans is developing video services at Location3 Media and topping theReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 27, 2010   The Cyberius Black Edition most read list at ReelSEO this week with his Why Facebook TV Would Beat Google TV & Apple TV Platforms

Daisy Whitney's The Reel Video Search Engine Optimization Secret Sauce lands in second spot on the most read, or rather, viewed list this week. In it we see Mark posing as an SEO-magic wielding lumberjack, probably why it was so popular. Hey LumberMark, I need some firewood, can you help me out?

Third most read for the week was a news round up bit which is cool that I can put it inside a news round up bit. It's like an infinity loop! My Online Video Moves NetFlix Streams, FilmOn Fights, Broadcast Goes Mobile slides in here. I wonder which topic made it popular, Netflix?

Fourth most read at ReelSEO this week was the Skype Video Recording article which took a look at several plugins and gives you the low down How To Record Skype Video – Skype Video Call Recording Tools. Sadly, none of them worked very well. So my next piece on that might either be online video call recording and/or external software for just that.

Fifth most read for the week was Mark's 7 Tips For Shooting Web Video In Low Light Conditions where Israel Hyman gives ideas how to do just that.

Hot News Elsewhere in Online Video

Social Media

Infoweek gave a run down of the Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media. It also gives you a tip on how to generate lots of bunk traffic from one article by putting one app per page.

The TechRepublic dropped a new whitepaper this week talking about How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business. You'll need a TechRepublic membership unfortunately.

Video SEO

Every time I get to this category, I have to sift through ReelSEO results, see how well we're doing at our jobs?

ZDNet's Stephen Chapman chimed in this week on Video SEO, or rather, SEO Video as he called it in his
SEO Video: No One Can Guarantee Number One Rankings In Google and Here's Why.

Video Advertising

Reuters took a look at "a fresh assault by the same competitive forces of Web distribution and multiplying customer choices" against Pay-TV. Gee, customer choice is seen as bad? Video and newspapers aim to avoid music's fate

Meanwhile SeeSaw, an online TV streaming site, launched Ad Selector advertising which gives viewers options on what video ads to view. This is certainly the online video ad trend of the year, is it not?

Video Sharing

I leave you with this thought, the US Military complex has launched its own video sharing site, reports CNet. People serving in the U.S. military now have their own Web site where they can upload, share, and watch videos. Censored much? Yeah, probably.

MilTube joins a suite of other Web 2.0 tools offered to the military, including MilBook, MilWiki, and MilBlog. Known collectively as MilSuite, these services are all part of the DOD's effort to provide more secure alternatives to commercial wikis, blogs, and social network sites.

And yet…I imagine by 'secure' they mean 'not able to leak stuff we don't want you to see and know.'

Short week, short News Reel, that's how we roll.

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