Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel - The Egyptian Edition

Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel   The Egyptian Edition

Hello Reel Believers, welcome to the end of another week and the beginning of a new one. Time is flying and we're already at the end of January. Next week my Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl! In the meantime, here's the news round up for the week.

While all that is well and good, the people in Africa are fighting for their freedoms and democracy. First Tunisia made headlines when Wikileaks allegedly sparked a grassroots revolution calling for an end to tyranny and a new way of life and a new, freely elected government. Then Egypt began to flare up and thousands have been taking to the streets and protesting. There has been violence in both countries and many have died. At the end of the post I've included some videos for you to watch in case you've been living in a cave or on safari. Viewer discretion is advised.

Most Read Articles at ReelSEO

We take a look at the newest, hottest articles at ReelSEO, those that were published during the week (there are loads of other articles that have been around for months and years that actually top these every week).

Canon 5D Mark III: The Ultimate Feature Request List For DSLR Video by Richard van den Boogaard tops the list this week as the most read article.

Second most read this week at ReelSEO is my quick overview of the Vid.ly beta. The service, from Encoding.com allows you to Upload Video, Grab URL, Play on Almost Every Connected Device.

Finally, Jeremy's With Branded Social Video Content, Shorter Is Better is third most read and looks at ways to take their video and make it more social.

Reel Interesting News Elsewhere

There are a lot of things that don't get covered here at ReelSEO sometimes. So I like to take a look and see what was grabbing headlines out in the rest of the world

Adobe and thePlatform

Adobe Systems Incorporated and thePlatform today announced a new alliance aimed at providing enhanced solutions for the delivery of online and mobile content with secure video management and publishing services for media publishers utilizing the Adobe Flash Platform. As part of the alliance, the companies will integrate the power of thePlatform's mpx video management system with the Adobe Flash Platform leveraging Adobe Flash Access software – a content protection and monetization solution for online video, HTTP Dynamic Streaming for expanded content delivery options, and a simplified video management interface providing a complete toolset to publish secure premium video online and to mobile devices.

Sorenson Squeeze 7 Released

Sorenson Media's New Sorenson Squeeze 7 Accelerates Video Encoding Performance, Saves Time, Streamlines Workflows

• New GPU Acceleration. By utilizing GPUs such as NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics solutions, the specialized microprocessors that power graphics in professional workstations, Sorenson Squeeze 7 delivers significantly faster encoding times. Sorenson Squeeze 7 automatically recognizes when the user's primary CPU or GPU may be faster and will use the better resource for the encoding job. The software is optimized for NVIDIA CUDA, the parallel computing architecture created by NVIDIA that powers a variety of their popular GPUs. Internal benchmark tests have shown Sorenson Squeeze 7 is up to three times faster than Sorenson Squeeze 6 when encoding in the H.264 format using GPU acceleration.*

• New Adaptive Bitrate Encoding. Sorenson Squeeze 7 handles all aspects of adaptive bitrate encoding, from encoding multiple renditions of videos at varying data rates to segmenting files and uploading them to the user's chosen content delivery network. This streamlined workflow frees users from the previously labor-intensive, detailed and time-consuming process involving many steps and tools.

• New Input and Output Formats. Sorenson Squeeze 7 adds Flash, Apple ProRes, and MPEG Transport Streams to its wide range of existing input formats. New output formats available in Squeeze 7 include WebM, MPEG Transport Streams with H.264 and Dolby AC3 for broadcasters, MPEG-2 elementary streams for Blu-ray authoring with H.264 and VC-1, DVB for cable/satellite/terrestrial television, and digital signage-specific formats.

• New Audio Only Output Formats. Sorenson Squeeze 7 now supports audio-only output formats such as Dolby's AC3, AAC, AIFF, M4A, MP3, Ogg, WAV and WMA.

• New Adobe Premiere Plug-in. With the addition of a unique plug-in for Adobe Premiere (compatible with Creative Suite 4 and Creative Suite 5), Sorenson Squeeze 7 now provides seamless encoding from within every major professional non-linear editing application, including Avid's Media Composer, Newscutter and Symphony and Apple's iMovie, Final Cut and Final Cut Pro.

Sorenson Squeeze begins at $299 (with special limited $199 introductory pricing for Squeeze 6 users).

I've got a review copy of the software that I'm checking out and will give a run down of my thoughts on the new stuff.

Video Advertising

iVdopia Shows 200 Million Impressions for HTML5 video and rich media ad formats for the mobile web in eight weeks.

Half of all mobile ad clicks, are accidental. I haven't had a chance to read the report yet, but I can definitely believe it as I have accidentally hit several ads on my phones in the past.

It was a quiet week.

Video Sharing

YouTube unveils "Life in a Day" film at Sundance Film Festival.

Here's a rather interesting piece of information, France Telecom To Buy 49% of Video-Sharing Site Dailymotion for €58.8 million ($79.9 million).

Zorap Releases Version 2.0 of Group Video Conferencing includes Facebook, playlists, other requested features.

Social Media

A stalker's delight! Facebook helps people stalk you, without your consent, thanks to sponsored stories. In many states, you own the rights to your name and likeness and that cannot be used in advertising without your consent. The problem here is that Facebook doesn't give you the ability to opt out. Here's some information on your rights.

LinkedIn Revenues Prove Social Media Advertising Is Still A Lousy Business. In the three months ending September 30, 2010, LinkedIn generated just $18 million in advertising revenue.

Now, those Egypt videos

Like I said above, there is change trying to happen in Egypt where the current president has been in office for around 30 years. The citizens claim institutionalized corruption, cronyism and more. So they have taken to the streets, clashed with police and now the military. Martial law has been enacted, the Internet has been severed and mobile phone communications have been jammed.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because online video has become a valid reporting medium. Some of the only images coming out of Egypt were online though some news agencies have also been able to report. With external communications severed I am impressed with the amount of information that is actually coming out and being shared online.

Warning: May be some graphics images in these videos.

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