ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 13, 2010

ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 13, 2010

Here we are once again. Another week in the books as time continues its march and the holidays continue to get closer. I was out of touch this week as I went to Prague for a Kinect Launch party, but nonetheless, I've kept my finger on the pulse of what's going on in and around online video. Oh, and yes, I changed the image finally. Roll Film!

Hot news at ReelSEO

Rockmelt and Jeremy stole the top spot and ran off with it this week. What's Rockmelt you ask? It's a web browser that is intently focused on one thing: social interaction. And I think all video creators and marketers should be hopping on the bandwagon.

Finally, we can lighten up on all the social network buttons (a full 5% of screen space at ReelSEO is dedicated to it…OK, I estimated.)

Nowhere near as popular but still sporting the same author, Hulu Plus No Longer Invitation-Only, Price Remains Unchanged took the second spot. Now you can finally pay to see ads,without an invite. Hurrah?

ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 13, 2010

One of my favorites, Leo Laporte and ReelSEO's Mark Robertson drop into the third spot this week as they spoke about TWiT Live Streaming and video SEO at Blogworld 2010 in Las Vegas. Hell, even my father listens when Leo speaks. I've been a Leo fan since back in the days of The Screen Savers (wow 12 years!). Hi Leo!

Grant showed up this week in the top five (Hi Grant) with his Facebook Video Marketing With Brian Solis – Tips For A "Socialized Business Strategy.” This is the first post in a series that looks like it will be quite popular here at ReelSEO.

Finally, wrapping up the top five is…not me. It's in fact a guest expert, CJ Bruce, CEO of Video army and his article talking about YouTube Re-Moves Public Video Insight Statistics. An article so useful in fact that even Mark needed to use it.

Yeah, I know… nothing from me in the top five again. You know, it's rough being the research guy sometimes. My article came in a whopping #39 for the week…[sighs]

Hot News elsewhere

We try, but we can't do it all, so here are some of the things we might have missed.

Video SEO

So I headed over to Google News and clicked on my pre-made Video SEO feed and what greeted me? Mark and Leo Laporte! Go figure.

Search Engine Watch – YouTube Trials Smarter Video Search with Topics So things might be changing soon over at the world's second largest search engine.

This one I thought was quite interesting. It turns out that Google Can Index "Almost Any Text" In A Flash (SWF) File

Video Advertising

TubeMogul recently won a Media Readers' Choice Award for its PlayTime service. TubeMogul's leading video advertising platform, was named best-in-class at the Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards. Booya!

Here's another social media only campaign (akin to the hoodie one we talked about) Fictitious 'Stun Fone' Product Takes World by Storm. Seems people will believe almost anything these days. The campaign was devised as self promotion for the agency to underscore the company's name (Stun), and its philosophy about creating advertising and marketing campaigns that "Stun" viewers. Quite humorous to say the least. (How did this not make ReelSEO?)

Social Media

All the rage these days, also loads of problems it seems.

Want to be a cop? You had better delete all your online personas before applying. Police Recruits Screened For Social Media Personas. What?! They require passwords? That is certainly an invasion of one's privacy. They also want text message and email logs. I can understand being thorough, but that's akin to opening your all of your mail and rummaging round in your underwear drawer.

NHL Owners at a loss on what to do about social media. Ha! Some of them are at a loss on how to put together a winning team, does this surprise anyone? ESPN reported that Social media is a quandary for NHL.

Finally, in standard Google fashion, they've said their upcoming social network, is not a social network…well then, what is it? More importantly, will we all care enough to not use it? I mean with Gmail, Reader, Buzz, YouTube, they sort of already have a massive social network, they just need the single login, unified front (which is what I'm guessing they're working on really) to bring all of the pieces together.

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