Ok, so I planned to do this much earlier, but the truth is, I'm not a professional designer or coder.  That is, I didnt used to be.  After a few months of learning some basic PHP stuff, CSS styling, and other thing-a-ma-bobs late at night, I've overhauled ReelSEO with what I think is a refreshing new look and feel.  I hope that you all like it.

Notice Anything New? ReelSEO Is Fresh and Clean reelseo refreshed1

At first, you may think, "Well, it isnt all that different, is it?"  Of course, I didnt want to deviate too much from what we had.  But, the truth is, there is a lot that has changed.  The goal here was to launch new site, that is easier to read and follow.

Here are a few things that have changed:

  • Overall cleaner styling, wider main colum, 2 column vs 3, larger type, better spacing, etc...
  • New header, without the UGLY 486*60 old-school IAB banner ad
  • New navigation, complete with category drop down, an archive page, and links to videos (more on that in a min.)
  • Subscribe and follow icons and links in the header
  • Tabbed section for most popular articles, most recent articles, and most recent comments.
  • Contextually related tags - titled "Online Video Topics"
  • New search functionality that uses wordpress instead of Google Search - lots of good reasons for that
  • New commenting system
    • You can now embed polls and Youtube videos within comments
    • You can rank, sort, and report comments
    • Soon to have facebook login capabilities in addition to OpenID.
  • New advertising placements
    • Soon to include self-service capabilities for those who would like to take advantage of our growing, educated, online video audience
    • Media kid and advertising page to follow
  • On post pages, check out the sidebar - I've added contextually related posts
  • New "Videos about Online Video" sidbar widget and site - http://tv.reelseo.com
  • And more...

Other things that I'm hoping to launch this year, pending time:

Aside from the relaunch, here are some additional things that I am working on and hope to have in 2009:

  • Forum for questions on video marketing, video publishing, video SEO, and other related topics - Any potential moderators interested?
  • Directory of online video services and companies
  • Facebook page and other social media profiles
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities and media kit
  • Opportunities for those potential authors out there to help us churn out more good news, tips, and online video good-ness.
ALSO ►  List of Video Search Engines and Video Search Web Sites (Updated)

Should I change ReelSEO to a new name?

Here is the thought....  While I started this due to my interest in SEO, it quickly became apparent that in order to "optimize" online video, I really needed to learn more and more about all aspects of online video, including: video publishing, video production, video editing, video search, video sharing, etc...  I quickly fell in love with the industry as a whole and now think that it is important to stay on top of all the happenings with regard to HD video, mobile video, video advertising, video marketing, etc... etc....

As a result, as you may have noticed, ReelSEO has much more to offer to our readers than just search engine optimization advice.  So, perhaps it is time for a name that is less "specific" to SEO?  Just a thought.  Id love to have your feedback as it is a decision that is a hard one to make, especially when you consider the following we have obtained, as well as the brand, which is now quite well-known...

In Conclusion - I value your feedback:

Anyways, thank you all for the support over the years and I hope that this new launch helps make it easier to come back and give us some lovin'. ;-)  After all, I'm going to need it if I'm ever going to take the leap and follow in the footsteps of my new heroNalts.  Not to mention, it would be nice to get rid of these Google Ads, right?

Please know that I plan to continue to enhance the site over the next few months with additional optimization, increased load-time, interactive features, etc...  I am open to any suggestions and feedback that you all might have.

Please post your comments below. Additionally, please let me know if you find any major bugs or problems so I can get those fixed immediately.

  • Alison

    Really like the new design! Very clean and sleek. Not sure about the name yet, but will cast my vote later. :)

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ChristophorRick ChristophorRick

    I was thinking of incorporating the word screen like onescreenfuture (OSF) or something.

  • ScottFitz

    Like the cleaner look!

    I would suggest placing a more prominent (size of the big ad) featured video of the day or week in the right column. This is a site about video :)

    forwardscreen and screenforward .coms are available....

    Wanted you to know I enjoy your stuff!

    • http://www.reelseo.com/mark/ Mark Robertson

      Thanks Scott. Perhaps someone will look to purchase the ad spot as a video ;-) Just need to start monetizing the site if Im ever going to pursue full time. ;-)

      PS - screenforward is no longer available ;-) I have a bad habit of purchasing domain names...

      Thanks Scott...

  • http://www.reelseo.com/mark/ Mark Robertson

    Thanks buddy. Yeah, we are offering readers a ton more than SEO... Video marketing, news about video advertising, mobile, future technologies, blah blah, etc...etc...

    Lets try to get you when you are more at your "brainstorming best" ;-) I would agree that you aren't right now... probably being nomadic and busy doesnt help. haha..

    Glad you like the design, I think it is much cleaner - we finally took a shower.

    So, I get your point about "tube." I just think that it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue well. But it is pretty synonymous with "youtube" and we are certainly about more than just youtube. I like the suffix "forward" as I like to think that those that want to get ahead in online video, will benefit from our information.

    I actually have about 15 others that Ill share with you, if I havent already, as Id like your input.

    Want to keep it to 2 syllables....

  • http://www.reelseo.com/mark/ reelseo


    Thanks for the comments.... Good to know on the name. I actually like TubeForward but I think Ill keep it the same for now just since it would be difficult to make sure I keep all things SEO friendly - lots of work. I just worry that it limits the audience who doesnt give it a chance and may not be interested in SEO in partcular... And the other problem, that you already eluded to, is the "reel" piece, which could always be thought of as "real" in which case I loose folks. Additionally, reel is really more related to film vs. video ;-)

    As for the forum, totally have looked at BuddyPress.. I just didnt think that it had the best forum feature, great other features, but Ill take another look. Also wondering what Google Wave might have. Do you know anything about BBPress or any other forum software functionality?

  • http://www.intensedebate.com/people/ChristophorRick ChristophorRick

    I personally dig ReelSEO though I am starting to think that we're far more than just video SEO news. Yes, we cover that but we also cover the entire virtual world of video. How about VirtualVideoWorld? heh VVW interesting logo potential there.

    Video Market News?
    I don't like the use of the word 'tube' as it sounds archaic and reminds me of CRT tubes which are now pretty much obsolete. We don't want to sound obsolete.

    I think of of us as a mix of how-to now, what's new, what's hot and what the future holds...so we need a forward thinking and pointing name... how about something like Future Viewer... ok I'm not at my brainstorming best today.

    Oh and I personally love the site redesign :)

  • http://imaginationmedia.tv/ Tim Danyo

    Great re-design! Have you thought about buddypress for the new forum feature? http://buddypress.org

    Also, your name, right now, is better than anything you have listed as the choices. You should use the words "video", "media" or "content" in the name somehow. You guys engage the conversation so well when it comes to video marketing and all aspects of it. I think of "video marketing" first with you guys. Engagement, conversation, ideas, video, marketing, and solutions come to mind. Also, the word "reel" is cool because it is linked to a "video" reel, but it is a potential gotcha for someone typing in the url or with word of mouth. I would stay away from funky spelled words or double meaning words.



  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Klessblog Klessblog

    Congratulations on the new site redesign Mark! I know you worked crazy long hours to get it done and it looks fantastic. Great design, much cleaner and more interactive. You've really optimized the whole site with all the new features making it much richer experience. Bravo!